Salman Rahman

Chief Executive Officer of Vasgen Limited

Salman Rahman is a member of the International Trade Council and the CEO of Vasgen Limited, a biotechnology and pharmaceutical company. Vasgen is focused on developing innovative antibody medicines to address unmet needs in the fields of ophthalmology, oncology, and cardiovascular medicine. With a strong background in biochemistry and a passion for improving patient quality of life, Salman transitioned from academia to the biotech industry to translate his research findings into therapies.

Francis Crick Institute) in London. His academic journey and postdoctoral training provided him with valuable research experience and exposure to clinical settings, working closely with physicians. As a Principal Investigator at King's College London School of Medicine, Salman gained insights into the business of pharmaceutical discovery and development, setting the stage for his entrepreneurial venture.

Salman's leadership at Vasgen has led to significant achievements. Securing prestigious government funding of approximately £1 million validated the company's technology and enabled the advancement of their lead drug development program. Additionally, Salman's diligence and strategic approach resulted in the successful prosecution of seven patents in major market jurisdictions. He takes pride in his tenure as a Principal Investigator and the courage to transition from academia to entrepreneurship.

Salman has witnessed the dramatic evolution of the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, particularly through the advancements in genomic science, medicine, and the emergence of advanced therapies like cell and gene therapies. He believes that genetic medicines will become a major modality in the global pharmaceuticals market, alongside antibody medicines, in the next 5-10 years. Salman is excited about the impact of advanced therapies, the expanding understanding of pharmacogenomics, and the potential of AI in drug discovery.

For aspiring professionals entering the industry, Salman emphasizes the importance of building a strong network of peers and maintaining realistic expectations regarding project timelines. When faced with setbacks and challenges, he maintains a positive outlook and reminds himself that tomorrow is another day.

Salman finds inspiration in the stories of Regeneron and Biontech, recognizing the contributions and successes of their founding members. Outside of his professional life, Salman has a deep interest in Islam as a practicing Muslim, where he finds guidance in seeking cures for diseases. His hobbies include sports and playing the guitar, nurturing his passion for music.

Salman Rahman's commitment to advancing the biotech industry, developing innovative therapies, and embracing new technologies positions him as a valuable member of the International Trade Council, driving positive impact in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.