Dr Stephen Morse

Dr Stephen Morse

Chief Executive Officer of Unchained Solutions Pty Ltd

Dr. Stephen Morse is a member of the International Trade Council and serves as the CEO of Unchained Solutions Pty Ltd. His company specializes in professional services in the technical industry, enabling Australian organizations to combat modern slavery and meet compliance requirements under the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) and NSW Modern Slavery Amendment Act 2021. Unchained Solutions offers a comprehensive Turnkey Solution, including strategy, analysis, training, documents, and research. Dr. Morse brings a unique blend of expertise in sustainable procurement, supply chain analysis, strategic planning, policy formulation, and implementation to address modern slavery. His work is guided by a lived-experience background in humanitarian efforts and a commitment to positive social impact and brand recognition.

Unchained Solutions is a professional services firm that helps Australian organizations make a meaningful contribution in reducing modern slavery. Their Turnkey Solution provides services to support compliance with modern slavery reporting criteria. Unchained Solutions differentiates itself through a combination of expertise in supply chain management, strategic planning, and corporate training. By assisting clients in meeting legal obligations and promoting sustainable practices, Unchained Solutions aims to create a lasting social impact and enhance positive brand recognition.

With over 25 years of entrepreneurial leadership experience, Dr. Morse has made significant contributions in the not-for-profit and private sectors. He holds a doctorate in human trafficking intervention and an MBA in entrepreneurship, along with degrees in theology and arts. Dr. Morse's track record includes strategic planning, facilitation, negotiation, team formation, culture development, and business and partnership development. His professional accomplishments include building a recognizable professional brand, establishing impactful services, and developing strategic partnerships at the executive level.

Since the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act in Australia, there has been a surge of interest from large consultancies and law firms. However, there has also been a subsequent retreat and specialization into different service areas, such as ESG reporting and tech solutions. The challenge lies in verifying risks in countries where due diligence is challenging, and understanding the context of exploitation in factories and farms.

Dr. Morse foresees a multiplication of anti-slavery and supply chain due diligence legislation globally, leading to an increased demand for ethically made products and services. He also expects a standardization in ESG reporting as each impact area becomes better defined with clearer targets. In terms of technology, Dr. Morse is excited about apps that empower the voices of those being exploited and the role of big data in tracing and tracking the production and supply of goods. However, he emphasizes the need for interpersonal stakeholder-based approaches to address the complexities of workplace exploitation.

Dr. Morse advises those starting in the industry to develop grassroots understanding of poverty and exploitation to ground their work in reality. Market research is crucial to understand

organizations' needs and their willingness to invest in external providers. He handles setbacks and challenges through daily practices that promote rest, exercise, prayer, visualization, and debriefing. He also embraces restful cycles, focusing on daily priorities and maintaining a realistic perspective on the global issue at hand.

Dr. Morse draws inspiration from researchers who have dedicated themselves to understanding and combating modern slavery. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys working out at the gym, bushwalking, visiting the beach, savoring good coffee, and reading the weekend paper.

Dr. Stephen Morse's expertise, commitment to sustainable practices, and dedication to combating modern slavery contribute to international trade and the mission of Unchained Solutions. As a member of the International Trade Council, he brings valuable insights and leadership to the field.