Carlos Novoa

CEO of PressEx Logistics, LLC

Carlos Novoa is a member of the International Trade Council and the CEO of PressEx Logistics, a company specializing in logistics, freight forwarding, and courier services. With a focus on international service solutions, PressEx Logistics serves customers in the USA, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Venezuela, providing local pick-up, cargo transport, delivery, and courier services. Carlos brings over 30 years of experience in the logistics industry and is dedicated to delivering exceptional transportation services to clients.

Carlos started his career in the logistics industry by chance, working as an interim at Kuehne & Nagel before attending college. Since then, he has gained invaluable experience, progressing from a receptionist to a regional director in the same industry. His extensive industry knowledge, qualifications, and skills have contributed to his success, including company education, training, discipline, and common sense.

Carlos has spearheaded key projects and initiatives that have contributed to his success in the business. Notably, he has turned profit-loss companies into profitable organizations with superior customer service. His ability to integrate the door-to-door concept for Venezuelan oil company PDVSA, consolidating logistics freight forwarders and customs brokers into a single logistics operator, showcases his expertise and efficiency. Additionally, Carlos played a pivotal role in founding Expeditors in Venezuela, rapidly growing the office to over 150 employees and establishing it as one of the most profitable offices in Latin America within six years.

Carlos has witnessed significant changes in the logistics industry since his early days. The industry has become more global and technology-driven, presenting both opportunities and challenges. Global players and digital platforms with limited logistics knowledge pose challenges for the industry. Looking ahead, Carlos envisions a more digitalized industry in the next 5-10 years, with automation playing a crucial role in processes and warehousing.

For those starting in the industry, Carlos emphasizes the importance of discipline, hard work, and common sense. He encourages newcomers to develop a strong work ethic and apply practical thinking to navigate the dynamic logistics landscape. When faced with setbacks and challenges, Carlos maintains patience, focuses on doing his best, and remains optimistic about the future.

Carlos draws inspiration from Peter Rose, the CEO of Expeditors, and the company's exceptional corporate culture. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys watching TV, traveling, and exploring different cuisines.

Carlos Novoa's extensive experience, commitment to superior customer service, and adaptability to industry changes make him a valuable member of the International Trade Council. As the CEO of PressEx Logistics, Carlos contributes to international trade by delivering efficient and reliable logistics solutions to clients around the world.