Business Introductions by Email

The International Trade Council can help you meet your next client, alliance partner, supplier or investor through our customized business introduction service.

Our staff can help you minimize business risks by connecting you to trustworthy and knowledgeable people in appropriate organizations and industries anywhere in the world.

Simply tell our staff the type of people and organizations that you are looking to meet and our staff will:

  • Generate a qualified lead/contact list
  • Validate the list as accurate
  • Send email introductions to each contact
  • Schedule up to three follow-up emails (in case of no-response)


  • Introduce your organization
  • Set business appointments or conference calls
  • Generate market interest / feedback

The Process

  1. Tell us the types of organizations you wish to meet (e.g. job titles, industry and location(s)).
  2. Council staff will undertake some research and will revert with a list of potential contacts. (Usually within seven days.)
  3. You will approve the list of contacts or amend it as needed.
  4. The Council will send a brief email introducing your organization and requesting a telephone call and/or appointment time on your behalf. Attached to this email will also be a copy (or link to) your Corporate Profile or other relevant material. 
  5. Appointments will be scheduled directly in your online calendar (if you have one), or directed to your email for you to directly to confirm a suitable time and/or date.

Important note: We will generally limit the number of business introductions undertaken each time to ensure that you provide an adequate follow-up to each and every contact. The total number of business introductions depends on your membership plan.