Ranjit Atwal

Ranjit Atwal

Director of Atwal Financial

Ranjit Atwal, the Director of Atwal Financial, is a dedicated professional and member of the International Trade Council. With a strong background in the financial and banking industry, Ranjit specializes in providing cross-border financial planning, wealth management, and business solutions, with a focus on UK-India cross-border advice. Ranjit has built a reputation for exceptional client servicing and believes in maintaining high standards to exceed client expectations.

Ranjit's years of experience in the financial industry are supported by his educational achievements and qualifications. He holds an award from the Chartered Institute of Bankers and a Financial Planning Certificate from the Chartered Insurance Institute. He is also registered and authorized by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDA), the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development of India (PFRDA), and the Association of Mutual Funds India (AMFI). Ranjit remains committed to continuous professional development and stays updated with the changing landscape through regular updates and professional development programs.

Ranjit and his team at Atwal Financial prioritize client service, setting them apart from other service providers in India. Their dedication to maintaining strong client relationships has made them a preferred business support partner in India. Ranjit's expertise in UK-India cross-border advice contributes to facilitating international trade and fostering a strong trading relationship between the two nations.

Ranjit believes in patience and consistency as the pillars for success. He embraces setbacks and challenges as opportunities for growth and views them as stepping stones to achieve his goals. His positive mindset and willingness to adapt contribute to his ability to handle setbacks and overcome challenges in his work.

Ranjit is excited about leveraging technology to enhance client service. He sees the potential of utilizing clients' smartphones to improve efficiency in delivering financial advice and services. Ranjit recognizes the evolving landscape of the financial industry and welcomes professional advancements in cross-border regulations and compliances.

For those starting in the industry, Ranjit emphasizes the importance of patience and consistency. Building a successful career in the financial sector requires perseverance and a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Outside of his professional life, Ranjit finds solace in meditation through playing chess online. He also enjoys spending time on the golf course, weather permitting, as a means of relaxation and leisure.

Ranjit Atwal's expertise in cross-border financial planning, wealth management, and his commitment to exceptional client servicing make him an invaluable member of the International Trade Council. Through his company, Atwal Financial, Ranjit contributes to fostering business relationships between the UK and India and plays a vital role in the growth and success of international trade.