Tord Coucheron

CTO / Co-founder of Unite Global AS

Tord Coucheron is the CTO/Co-Founder of Unite Global AS. As a member of the International Trade Council, Tord plays a crucial role in driving innovation and transformation within the payment and market infrastructure industry. With his expertise and passion for removing frictions in cross-border payments, Tord is dedicated to improving world trade and fostering a fair and level playing-field for businesses worldwide.

Tord's career has been shaped by his comprehensive knowledge acquired from various domains. His technical understanding enables him to identify possibilities and solutions, while his managerial skills provide a human perspective on what is achievable. Tord's ability to bridge these aspects has been instrumental in his success.

Tord's journey in the industry began with his involvement in the development of larger management systems in the aviation industry, where operational reliability and error-free processes are crucial. He has showcased his proficiency in navigating complex challenges and creating solutions that streamline operations. As the CTO/Co-Founder of Unite Global AS, Tord has been at the forefront of developing and operating a global real-time cross-border payment and settlement network for banks. His commitment to removing frictions and driving transformation contributes to a more efficient and seamless payment ecosystem.

Tord firmly believes that removing frictions in payments is essential for improving world trade. He advocates for a fair and level playing-field, where payments can be processed within seconds across any location worldwide. Tord recognizes the need for change in outdated systems and challenges the status quo that allows certain entities to profit from existing frictions. His vision is to create a streamlined and improved global payment landscape that benefits all participants.

Tord's patient and meticulous approach to understanding the challenges faced in the payment industry sets him apart. By gaining a deep understanding of the issues before developing solutions, he ensures smooth operations and minimizes problems. His ability to envision a future where banks must transform their internal infrastructures aligns with the goals of international trade authorities. Tord's role in Unite Global AS enables him to contribute to the standardization and transformation of global payments.

Tord approaches setbacks and challenges with a proactive mindset. By acknowledging their inevitability before embarking on projects, he ensures that the team is prepared to tackle any obstacles that may arise. Anticipating setbacks and having contingency plans in place helps maintain momentum and ensures progress even in the face of challenges.

Tord finds inspiration in those who identify challenges and create impactful solutions. He admires individuals who focus on the positive impact that developments and innovations can have. Their ability to envision meaningful change in the industry inspires Tord to strive for continuous improvement.

Outside of his professional life, Tord is a mariner who finds solace and inspiration at sea. His passion for maritime activities helps him generate new ideas, cultivate patience, and solve

complex challenges. Embracing the serenity and vastness of the sea fuels his creativity and resilience.

Tord Coucheron's dedication to removing frictions in cross-border payments and his contributions to international trade make him an invaluable member of the International Trade Council. Through Unite Global AS, he is driving transformative changes in the payment and market infrastructure industry, fostering fair and efficient global trade.