Yakof Agius

Founder of Yakof Agius & Associates

Yakof Agius is the Founder of Yakof Agius & Associates, a boutique firm specializing in providing expert guidance and personalized support to high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals seeking residence and citizenship by investment. With a focus on exclusivity and exceptional service, Yakof Agius & Associates offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. Yakof's expertise and commitment to delivering seamless and stress-free experiences have established him as a trusted authority in the industry.

Yakof Agius & Associates is dedicated to assisting individuals in their journey towards obtaining residence and citizenship through investment. The firm offers personalized advice, support with application processes, luxury concierge services, and access to a curated network of investment options. By providing comprehensive and exclusive services, Yakof Agius & Associates ensures that their clients receive the highest level of expertise and support throughout the entire process.

Yakof's career in the industry began in 2014 when he joined the concessionaire for the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program. Since then, he has held significant positions within the industry, including Chief Officer for Risk & Compliance at the Maltese Government's Citizenship by Investment unit. In 2018, he founded CIVIQUO, the Investment Migration® Platform, and later established Yakof Agius & Associates in 2021. With specialist qualifications in due diligence, anti-money laundering, civil law, and information technology, as well as a master's degree in leadership and organizational behavior, Yakof brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to his role.

Yakof has been instrumental in shaping the due diligence procedures of the Malta citizenship program, setting a gold standard within the industry. He has authored the program's handbook and developed a risk assessment tool that has become an industry standard. Yakof takes pride in his contribution to due diligence procedures and his role in hiring, coaching, and mentoring professionals within the industry.

Yakof has witnessed the industry evolve with the diversification of investment options for residence and citizenship. He recognizes that one of the biggest challenges facing the industry is the political agenda of a few individuals who view the redistribution of wealth and relocation of investments as a threat. However, he believes that residence and citizenship by investment provide control back to those seeking such solutions and contribute to foreign direct investment and economic growth.

Yakof envisions the normalization and standardization of residence and citizenship solutions by more countries in the coming years. He is excited about the potential of artificial intelligence, identity verification, and risk management technology to enhance and streamline processes within the industry.

Yakof advises those starting in the industry to gain a deep understanding of immigration and taxation laws in different countries. He emphasizes the importance of effective communication and active listening to meet clients' needs and wants.

While Yakof does not have specific role models in the field, he acknowledges the inspiration he draws from the people he trains on a daily basis. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys listening to music, reading, and gaming.

Yakof Agius's dedication to providing exclusive and expert guidance in the field of residence and citizenship by investment, coupled with his commitment to excellence, positions him as a respected member of the International Trade Council. His leadership, contributions, and passion for delivering exceptional service have earned him recognition within the industry.