Peter Tam

Chief Executive Officer of 4P Multimedia Software Limited

Peter Tam is a dynamic professional and a member of the International Trade Council. As the Chief Executive Officer of 4P Multimedia Software Limited, he has made significant contributions to the digital marketing and digital transformation industry. With a strong background in cloud platforms development and marketing, Peter's company focuses on providing SAAS leasing cloud platforms, custom-made applications, and services to corporate and school markets.

4P Multimedia Software Limited, based in Hong Kong, offers an impressive product portfolio that includes the flagship platform, the 4P Corporate Data Sharing Platform. This platform utilizes data to expedite deal closures in B2B or B2C markets, emphasizing the power of collaborative efforts among platform users. The company also develops systems/platforms such as Customer Relation Management System, E-Commerce System, Channel Management System, and provides services including website development, data mining, interactive email design, and more. In the school market, they offer School Administration System, Online quiz system, and Self-learning Online Learning system.

Peter Tam's journey in the industry began in 1999 when he established the company as an educational software provider. Their early success came with interactive CD-ROMs for learning Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese) in response to the lack of e-learning materials available in Hong Kong at the time. The products gained widespread adoption in secondary schools and retail outlets.

Peter holds a BBA degree with a major in Accounting and a minor in Computer Science from Washington State University. He is also a Chartered Marketer certified by The Chartered Institute of Marketing and has received recognition as an Outstanding Person in China Entrepreneurial Creativity and a Top Placer Award in Information Technology.

Throughout his career, Peter has been involved in key projects that have contributed to his success. Notably, the development and marketing of the Interactive English Learning Centre received appreciation from students, teachers, and the community. He takes pride in successfully developing and marketing five cloud platforms, including the 4P Corporate Data Sharing Platform and various systems for customer relationship management, e-commerce, channel management, and school administration.

Over the years, Peter has witnessed the evolution of the industry, with increased competition and the maturation of broadband networks. However, challenges such as budget constraints during economic downturns and political pressures affecting internet development remain significant obstacles.

Peter foresees a future where digital transformation continues to increase as the economy recovers. He is particularly excited about the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and data in shaping the IT industry.

To those starting in the industry, Peter advises exploring other industries that are catalyzed by digital transformation. When faced with setbacks and challenges, he emphasizes resilience and positive thinking as essential qualities to overcome obstacles.

Peter remains open-minded and draws inspiration from anyone who has valuable insights. Outside of his professional life, he enjoys soccer, badminton, swimming, playing the guitar, and picnics.

Peter Tam's leadership in the digital marketing and digital transformation industry, along with his commitment to innovative cloud platforms and services, makes him a valuable member of the International Trade Council. Through 4P Multimedia Software Limited, he contributes to international trade by providing cutting-edge solutions to corporate and school markets, empowering businesses to leverage technology for success.