Mickey Quah Kim Bong

Managing Director of Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd

Mickey Quah Kim Bong is a dedicated professional and a member of the International Trade Council. As the Managing Director of Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Mickey is involved in manufacturing and exporting high-quality authentic Asian recipes, noodle bowls, and meal kits. The company focuses on providing natural, healthy, safe, and convenient food options that align with modern lifestyle trends and expectations.

Mickey's journey in the food industry began with organizing international events like Supercross, Polo, and Motor shows. Through these events, he noticed a growing demand for local Asian cuisine among participants, which inspired him to delve into the food manufacturing industry. Additionally, Mickey observed a decline in the knowledge of traditional cooking methods, leading him to develop products that preserve and promote the region's food heritage.

Throughout his career, Mickey has achieved significant milestones and contributed to the success of his business. He successfully established a long-standing supply partnership with an international chain of restaurants, which has spanned over two decades. Furthermore, he collaborated with a leading sauce manufacturer in Japan to develop Halal Japanese sauces specifically tailored for the ASEAN and Middle East markets. These accomplishments have earned him recognition, including the FSSC 22000, the highest international food quality certification, and the Taste Innovation award at ANUGA, the largest food show in the world held in Germany.

Mickey has witnessed the entry of numerous competitors into the market, many of whom offer similar products. This influx of competition has presented challenges, particularly in combating unscrupulous competitors who prioritize price over food safety and quality. However, Mickey remains optimistic about the industry's future.

Looking ahead, Mickey envisions a bright future for the food industry. He believes that cooking at home will become more cost-effective than dining out, and his company's sauces play a crucial role in simplifying and expediting the cooking process. His advice to those starting in the industry is to be a responsible manufacturer, focusing on long-term growth, gaining trust, and ensuring product reliability.

Mickey's approach to setbacks and challenges is to confront them head-on with determination and resilience. He draws inspiration from his mother, who selflessly dedicated herself to managing the family, ensuring their needs were met, and providing healthy and delicious meals every night, despite the multitude of responsibilities she faced.

Outside of his professional life, Mickey's interests revolve around family and personal well-being. While specific hobbies are not mentioned, he values quality time with loved ones and understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Mickey Quah Kim Bong's commitment to delivering high-quality Asian cuisine, promoting food heritage, and navigating the challenges of the industry make him an esteemed member of the International Trade Council. Through his company, Care Food Industries Sdn Bhd, Mickey contributes to international trade by providing natural and convenient food options that cater to the modern lifestyle.