Keith Wakeman

Chief Executive Officer of SuperBetter

Keith Wakeman is a visionary CEO and a member of the International Trade Council.

As the CEO of SuperBetter, Keith is dedicated to addressing the global youth mental health crisis at scale. SuperBetter is a digital education and mental wellbeing company. Through its innovative Live Gamefully® methodology, the company harnesses the psychology of game play to empower individuals and groups to achieve epic wins in all aspects of life. With a strong focus on solutions that are evidence-based, accessible and globally-scalable, SuperBetter has impacted over 1 million people worldwide.

SuperBetter offers practical and effective solutions in the education, workplace, and healthcare industries. Their digital platform, SuperBetter, empowers mental health, resilience, social-emotional learning and student success by utilizing practices from positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy and game science. Their science-backed methodology, backed by published studies, sets SuperBetter apart in the digital education and mental wellbeing space.

Keith Wakeman started his career in the U.S. food industry where he led brand management, innovation, and new venture development for top tier companies including Kellogg, Keebler and Nabisco. Over time, he realized that the world needed innovation in other areas. Eventually, this path led him to SuperBetter, where he continues to make a significant impact in the mental wellbeing industry.

Keith holds a marketing degree from Illinois State University and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His educational background, coupled with strong analytical and innovation skills, has propelled him in the fields of marketing, brand building, and entrepreneurship.

Keith's career is marked by notable accomplishments. He has led teams to develop and launch over $1 billion in new products and businesses in the health, wellness, and food industries. SuperBetter, under his leadership, was recognized as one of the top innovators in youth mental health by The World Economic Forum.

Since its inception, SuperBetter has witnessed the growing acceptance of technology as a solution to improve mental health and wellbeing. However, challenges remain, particularly in combating the declining mental health among youth and young adults. Keith recognizes the importance of evidence-based tools that work within the reality of classrooms and is committed to supporting educators in their efforts to address this crisis.

In the next 5-10 years, Keith envisions continued growth and consolidation in the digital education and mental wellbeing industries. He believes that technology, when used to empower agency, mastery, and purpose, can have a transformative impact on people's lives.

Keith uses the SuperBetter Live Gamefully® methodology to overcome challenges in his own life. By setting goals, activating power-ups, identifying obstacles, and completing quests, he approaches opportunities and setbacks with resilience and a challenge mindset, always playing to win.

Keith finds inspiration in educators on the front lines of the youth mental health crisis. Their dedication and profound impact on students' lives motivate him to provide practical tools that empower student success and wellbeing.

Outside of his professional life, Keith enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons. Soccer games and family events are among his cherished hobbies and interests.

Keith Wakeman's leadership in the digital education and mental wellbeing industry, along with his commitment to evidence-based solutions and empowering individuals to achieve life’s epic wins, make him a valuable member of the International Trade Council and a driving force for positive change.