Brad Price

Founder & CEO of KarbonPay

Brad Price is a visionary entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of KarbonPay. As a member of the International Trade Council, Brad plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing the cross-border payroll industry through innovative and automated solutions. With his expertise and passion for simplifying and streamlining payroll processes, Brad has built KarbonPay into a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that addresses the unique challenges of managing payroll in multiple countries.

Brad's journey in the industry began by operating an HR services company that specialized in assisting companies with employees in multiple countries. Through this firsthand experience, Brad recognized the convoluted and inefficient nature of existing payroll systems. This led to the founding of KarbonPay, which offers a comprehensive payroll management platform with a focus on automation, compliance, and accuracy. Under Brad's leadership, KarbonPay has successfully served numerous businesses, including facilitating the seamless transition of payroll processes during a major multinational acquisition.

Brad believes that efficient payroll management is crucial for fostering sustainable international trade. By providing automated and compliant payroll solutions through KarbonPay, Brad aims to eliminate complexities and frictions in the payroll process. His vision is to create a level playing field where businesses can manage their cross-border payroll seamlessly, ensuring accurate and timely compensation for employees around the world.

Brad's success lies in his meticulous approach to understanding the specific challenges associated with cross-border payroll. By leveraging his deep knowledge of HR compliance, payroll processes, and local tax regulations, he has developed KarbonPay as a robust and customizable solution. Brad's commitment to accuracy, compliance, and efficiency empowers businesses to streamline their payroll operations, freeing up resources for other essential tasks.

Brad approaches setbacks and challenges by actively listening, planning, and adapting. He understands the importance of addressing issues head-on, finding solutions, and continuously improving. By employing a proactive and flexible mindset, Brad ensures that setbacks do not hinder progress but rather fuel innovation and growth.

Outside of his professional life, Brad's interests lie in the field of US Politics, where he has served as a foreign news correspondent.

Brad Price's innovative approach to cross-border payroll management through KarbonPay and his commitment to simplifying international trade make him an invaluable member of the International Trade Council. With his passion for automation, compliance, and accuracy, Brad is driving positive change in the payroll industry, enabling businesses to thrive in a global marketplace.