Emiliyan Metodiev

Chairman of Footura

Emiliyan Metodiev is a dedicated Chairman and a member of the International Trade Council. As the Chairman of Footura, an organization focused on sports, active lifestyle, and healthy living, Emiliyan is passionate about promoting physical well-being and creating a positive impact in the industry. With a strong background in sales, service, and IT, combined with his personal experience as an active amateur athlete, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization. Emiliyan's leadership and commitment to social enterprise have contributed to Footura's success and their mission to develop a sustainable business with a cause.

Footura offers a range of services, including organizing sports activities, providing consulting services, and offering their own sports and health brands as a social enterprise. Their dedication to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle sets them apart in the industry.

Emiliyan's journey in the industry began with a group of friends who shared a passion for mass sports. Over the years, their organization evolved, and they actively participated in numerous sports activities in Bulgaria and abroad. Emiliyan's rich education, combined with his experience in sales, service, and IT, has been instrumental in his career development and the growth of Footura.

Footura's shift to a social enterprise model has been a key project for Emiliyan. By aligning the organization's goals with a sustainable business approach, they aim to make a positive impact on society. While the market in Bulgaria is still developing, Emiliyan and his team are working towards creating a portfolio of products to be promoted and sold at events and later to the public.

The sports and wellness industry has experienced significant progress in various subfields, including healthy eating, active lifestyle, professional sports, sports entertainment, and nutritional supplements. Balancing healthy habits, physical activity, emotional well-being, and the use of supplements remains a challenge for the industry.

Emiliyan envisions the sports and wellness industry as having the potential to touch every person on the planet. He believes that the industry's limitless resources can help foster an understanding of health that comes from within. Emiliyan is particularly excited about advancements in optimizing physical and mental well-being through new technologies and research.

Emiliyan understands that setbacks and challenges are inherent in any job or organization. His approach involves recognizing them as part of the growth process and persevering with hard work and determination.

Outside of his professional life, Emiliyan enjoys playing sports, reading interesting books, socializing, and exploring new places through tourism. These hobbies reflect his commitment to an active and well-rounded lifestyle.

Emiliyan Metodiev's leadership and dedication to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through Footura highlight his valuable contribution to the International Trade Council and the industry as a whole.