Sebright Chen

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital

Sebright Chen - Chairman of the Business Council for Venture Capital in the International Trade Council


Sebright Chen, the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Summer Atlantic Capital, is a visionary leader in the realms of technology and investment. With a rich background in Investment Management and a genuine passion for innovation, Sebright ventured into the industry with an unwavering commitment to change the game. His expertise in international trade, supply chains, transparency, and logistics has made him a distinguished figure in the business world.

Company Overview

Summer Atlantic Capital, established in 2018 under Sebright Chen's guidance, serves as an International Asset Management Hub. The company specializes in aiding portfolio companies and clients in strategic capital allocation and international expansion efforts. Their primary focus is on the Technology and Healthcare sectors, driven by a vision to propel the next generation industry revolution.

Career Journey

Sebright's journey into the industry was fueled by his prior experience in Investment Management and a deep-seated passion for the work. His educational background and acquired skills have been instrumental in his rise to prominence.

Key Projects and Achievements

Summer Atlantic Capital's numerous projects in the technology sector have played a pivotal role in their growth and success. These initiatives have provided valuable market insights across different regions, solidifying their reputation as industry leaders.

Proud Accomplishments

Sebright takes immense pride in his track record of accomplishments, particularly in his ability to identify and manage technology companies with high growth potential. His knack for uncovering hidden gems has been a driving force behind his success.

Industry Evolution and Challenges

Sebright acknowledges the significant evolution of the industry since he embarked on his career. The global context has reshaped the investment landscape, presenting both opportunities and challenges. He identifies global geopolitical situations as a potential source of uncertainty.

Future of the Industry

Looking ahead, Sebright envisions a transformation in the technology infrastructure of the investment industry. He predicts a prosperous period for the industry with emerging players making a substantial impact.

Exciting Technologies and Trends

Sebright remains enthusiastic about the changing technology landscape within the industry, foreseeing innovations that will reshape its future.

Advice for Aspiring Professionals

For those starting in the industry, Sebright advises soul-searching to discover a true passion for the field. He emphasizes the importance of enjoying the process and persevering through the challenges that come with it.

Handling Setbacks

Sebright's approach to setbacks is one of embrace and resilience. He views them as essential steps in any successful project.

Role Models and Inspirations

Sebright draws inspiration from the stories of successful fund managers and entrepreneurs who started small and achieved greatness. He values grit as one of the most crucial traits in this journey.

Personal Interests

Outside of his professional life, Sebright Chen enjoys pursuing his hobbies and interests, which remain a private facet of his dynamic personality.