Sean Flynn

Sean Flynn

Principal Consultant of DS Flynn & Associates Inc.

Sean Flynn - Member of the Business Councils for Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Markets and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)


Sean Flynn, serving as the Principal Consultant at DS Flynn & Associates Inc., is a dynamic figure in the International Trade Council, contributing to an array of councils including Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Markets, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and more. His company, positioned at the intersection of hospitality and franchise consultancy, leverages over three decades of Flynn's experience to guide both Asian and North American clients through the complexities of the multi-unit F&B and hotel space.

Flynn's journey into the industry began with his work at a restaurant while attending university, sparking a fascination with the business model of the multi-unit and franchising business. This initial foray into hospitality has since blossomed into a distinguished 30-year career spanning various leadership roles, including President/CEO positions in Canada, the USA, and Singapore, and overseeing operations for hotel groups and F&B companies ranging from fine dining to QSR.

With an educational foundation in Business Administration from a Canadian university, augmented by credentials as a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Flynn's multifaceted expertise has been crucial in navigating the hospitality industry's evolving landscape.

Flynn's professional portfolio is highlighted by his achievements in building sustainable corporate cultures within the companies he has led, emphasizing hospitality's 'people first' ethos. His tenure in the industry has witnessed significant technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and the shift towards sustainability and personalized services, driven by the digital revolution.

Amidst the challenges posed by labor shortages, fluctuating demand, and the pandemic's impact, Flynn envisions the hospitality industry embracing AI and machine learning for guest personalization, sustainability as a core focus, and the rise of flexible, technology-driven service models in the coming years. His excitement extends to the potential of ghost kitchens, blockchain for supply chain transparency, and immersive tech-enhanced guest experiences.

For those aspiring to carve a niche in hospitality and F&B franchising, Flynn advises a thorough understanding of the market, embracing innovation, and a commitment to quality and customer service. He emphasizes resilience in the face of setbacks, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth.

Inspired by sustainable business practices and living in British Columbia, Flynn's personal interests include an active lifestyle enriched by nature, reflecting his belief in the importance of environmental stewardship both professionally and personally.

Sean Flynn's professional journey and vision exemplify his commitment to advancing the hospitality and franchise consultancy sectors, underscored by his leadership in sustainability, innovation, and technology integration, making him a vital member of the International Trade Council's Business Council.