Pekka Kähkönen

Pekka Kähkönen

Managing Partner of LexAuctor Oy

Pekka Kähkönen - Board Member of the Business Council for Legal


Pekka Kähkönen, a distinguished Board Member of the Business Council for Legal within the International Trade Council, is a legal expert with a deep understanding of international trade, supply chains, and the complexities of modern business operations. As the Managing Partner of LexAuctor Oy, he plays a pivotal role in providing strategic legal counsel and guidance to a wide range of industries.

LexAuctor Oy is a reputable law firm specializing in commercial agreements and labor law. Pekka's firm serves as a trusted legal advisor and strategic partner across multiple sectors, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including legal advice, training, and dispute resolution. The firm's experts, including Pekka himself, bring a wealth of experience to the table, having played crucial roles in revamping contract structures and guiding the development of labor agreements.

Pekka's journey in the legal industry began with a solid professional background that equipped him with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this field. He has served as the director of legal services for The Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers TEK and as a legal adviser for The Association of Finnish Economists and The Association of Finnish Architects. His experience also includes roles as a legal adviser for various technology centers and as the Director of Human Resources and Head of Labor Relations in the Posti Group Ltd.

With a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree and a license as a legal counsel, Pekka Kähkönen specializes in commercial agreements, company reorganizations, and labor law. His legal expertise has been instrumental in the success of various projects, including his responsibility for legal consultation in extensive business takeovers in the logistics sector and the creation of guides for contractual terms in technology companies and director agreements.

Among his proudest professional accomplishments is his representation of research and development centers in negotiating international agreements with major players in the medical industry. Pekka also took the lead in handling the legal aspects of the most comprehensive co-operation and restructuring procedure in Finland, based on the headcount.

Reflecting on the evolution of the industry, Pekka notes the increasing dependence of technology-based companies and law offices on new innovative technologies. Currently, the industry faces challenges such as a shortage of qualified talent in the introduction of innovative technologies and the management of digital transformation, including the integration of technology into various business aspects.

Looking ahead, Pekka envisions a pivotal role for artificial intelligence in the industry, a trend that excites him. He's particularly interested in how legislation will keep pace with accelerated technical innovation and artificial intelligence.

For aspiring professionals in the industry, Pekka offers valuable advice: Be prepared to harness the rapid development of new technical innovations.

In his approach to setbacks and challenges, Pekka Kähkönen's dynamic and result-oriented attitude shines through. He has a proven track record of exemplary performance in high-pressure environments.

Outside of his professional life, Pekka's interests extend to physical challenges, such as running marathons. He also finds enjoyment in the tranquility of fishing and the intellectual stimulation of reading classical literature, showcasing his well-rounded and diverse pursuits.