Paul R. Baker

Chairman of International Economics Ltd

Paul R Baker - Board Member, Business Council for International Trade Policy


Paul R Baker, a prominent figure in the world of international trade policy and a valued Board Member of the Business Council for International Trade Policy within the International Trade Council, is recognized for his extensive expertise in international trade, supply chains, and global economic dynamics. With a distinguished career, being nominated in Who Who leading Trade Economists for eight consecutive years and Who’s Who Leading African Thought Leader since 2023, Paul has made significant contributions to the industry.

As the Chairman of International Economics Ltd, a renowned management consultancy firm with offices in London, Ho Chi Minh and Mauritius, Paul and his team specialize in providing strategic advisory services in the fields of international trade and investment, data analytics, public policy, market intelligence, and global value chains. Their work plays a crucial role in guiding governments and businesses on matters related to trade and economic policies.

Paul's journey in this industry began with a notable stint in the European Commission's economic and monetary convergence unit, from where he transitioned into the complex world of international trade. His profound understanding of the intricacies of economic convergence and trade dynamics laid a strong foundation for his subsequent endeavors.

With a career spanning several decades, Paul has amassed a wealth of education, qualifications, and skills that have fueled his success.  He holds a masters in financial engineering and an MSc (Econ) in Economics of the Asia Pacific, his achievements and professional associations speak volumes about his expertise. He has served as an economic adviser to governments ranging from G7 to G20 and G90 countries. His roles as a Board Member of UNESCAP's Trade Intelligence tools and a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) expert group on Trade Tech Working Group highlight his substantial influence in the industry.

One of Paul's proudest professional accomplishments is his advisory work for the African Union, where he played a pivotal role in shaping a Digital Single Market—an initiative of great significance in fostering economic growth and integration in Africa.

Reflecting on the evolution of the industry since his entry, Paul notes that while it experienced phenomenal growth over the past few decades, it has recently encountered a slowdown, primarily due to regulatory barriers and shifting policy landscapes.

Looking forward, Paul envisions the industry moving toward consolidation and increased merger and acquisition activities. He is particularly motivated by the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science in the field, recognizing their potential to transform trade policy and analysis. Paul draws inspiration from figures like Dani Rodrik, Cesar Hidalgo, Jaime de Melo, and Bernard Hoekman in his field. Outside of his professional life, his interests span photography, travel, diving, and reading, reflecting his diverse and well-rounded character.

Paul R Baker's deep knowledge and dedication to international trade policy make him a vital contributor to the Business Council for International Trade Policy within the International Trade Council.