Pekka Sakari Ylikoski

Pekka Sakari Ylikoski

Attorney at Law of Justitum Attorneys at Law

Pekka Sakari Ylikoski - Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Legal


Meet Pekka Sakari Ylikoski, an accomplished Attorney at Law and Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Legal within the International Trade Council. With a career spanning over three decades, Pekka brings a wealth of legal expertise and a deep understanding of international trade to the forefront.

As the driving force behind Justitum Attorneys at Law, Pekka has made significant contributions to the legal industry. His journey in the legal field began in 1990 when he embarked on the path of entrepreneurship, establishing his own law firm while still a student. This early initiative reflects his determination and passion for the legal profession.

Pekka's educational background includes an LL.M degree as the cornerstone of his legal knowledge. He has further honed his skills through various courses in fields such as human resources, equality, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), litigation, and criminal and civil procedure. Additionally, he has pursued additional studies at the University of Helsinki, further enriching his legal acumen.

Throughout his career, Pekka has been actively involved in professional subgroups within the Finnish Bar Association since 2013. Currently serving as the chairperson of the subgroup dedicated to criminal procedure, he has played an integral role in shaping the legal landscape in Finland. His contributions to changes in legislation stand as a testament to his dedication to the legal field.

Reflecting on the evolution of the legal industry since his entry, Pekka notes a shift towards segmentation and concentration among larger players. This transformation underscores the dynamic nature of the legal profession and its adaptability to changing times.

One of the most pressing challenges currently facing the industry is the advent of artificial intelligence (AI). The impact of AI on legal processes and paperwork is undeniable, and Pekka acknowledges the need for professionals to adapt to these technological advancements.

Looking ahead to the next 5-10 years, Pekka envisions a landscape where AI streamlines paperwork and administrative tasks, allowing legal professionals to focus more on personal involvement and strategic decision-making.

The potential of AI remains a source of excitement for Pekka, as it promises to revolutionize the legal industry and enhance efficiency.

For aspiring legal professionals, Pekka's advice is clear: Develop your personal skills. Recognizing that the legal profession is a service industry, he emphasizes the importance of building strong client relationships and continuously improving one's capabilities.

In navigating setbacks and challenges, Pekka's approach is pragmatic—focus on the next case. This resilience and forward-looking mindset have been key to his success.

Beyond his professional life, Pekka enjoys a diverse range of hobbies and interests. Sailing, traveling, and reading are among his passions, reflecting a life lived to the fullest beyond the confines of the legal world.