Öznur Seyhun

Partner of Econix Research

Öznur Seyhun - Member of the Business Council for Women in International Trade


Öznur Seyhun is a Partner at Econix Research, specializing in the healthcare industry. She is deeply involved in the Women in International Trade business council, advocating for gender diversity and inclusion in global trade initiatives.

Öznur's career in healthcare began with a strong educational foundation in pharmaceutical chemistry and public health engineering. Over the years, she continued her academic pursuits, obtaining degrees in financial economics and global executive management. These qualifications equipped her with the technical skills and critical thinking abilities necessary for navigating the complexities of healthcare.

Throughout her career, Öznur has been actively engaged in shaping health policies and raising public awareness of important issues such as malnutrition. Her efforts have contributed to significant press and social media presence, as well as the sustenance of impactful initiatives.

One of Öznur's proudest accomplishments is Market Access Today, a premier platform dedicated to covering the global landscape of Market Access and Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR). Through this platform, she leverages her extensive experience to share knowledge and enhance the field of healthcare.

Öznur recognizes the rapid evolution of the healthcare industry, driven by technological advancements and policy changes. She understands the challenges facing the industry, including the need for high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare.

Looking ahead, Öznur sees significant advancements on the horizon, including the adoption of technology-driven solutions such as health data analytics and personalized medicine. She is excited about the potential of these innovations to improve patient care and outcomes.

Outside of her professional life, Öznur is an internationally certified Yoga and meditation instructor, promoting mindfulness and stress management. Her commitment to holistic well-being reflects her dedication to making a positive impact both in and out of the healthcare industry.