Oyeku Ebenezer Damilare

Founder/CTO of Webplanet Consulting and Services

Oyeku Ebenezer Damilare - Member of the Business Councils for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Commerce, Innovation and Technology and Manufacturing


Oyeku Ebenezer Damilare is the innovative Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Webplanet Consulting and Services, a leading firm specializing in IT Support and IT Services. With a dynamic presence in the Artificial Intelligence, Digital Commerce, Innovation and Technology, Manufacturing, and other significant sectors within the International Trade Council's Business Council, Damilare brings a wealth of expertise and a visionary approach to the table.

Webplanet Consulting & Services, established in 2012, stands as a testament to Damilare's passion for technologies and improving quality of life. The company prides itself on offering managed IT services tailored for various industries, thereby streamlining workflow and boosting productivity for businesses across the globe. Damilare's journey into the IT industry began with his intrigue in the business model of a networking support services company and his subsequent roles in software company management and international trade organizations.

Damilare's educational background is impressive, with a Bachelor of Science in Economics Honours complemented by a Diploma in IT. He further pursued an MSc in Data Science, becoming an Oracle & SAS Certified professional. His designation as a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) by the British Computing Society underscores his commitment to excellence in the field. Over the years, Damilare has been involved in significant projects, including digital transformation initiatives and market expansion strategies, which have contributed immensely to his success.

Among his professional achievements, Damilare takes pride in being recognized as a Chartered IT Professional and leading digital banking projects from inception to completion. The IT industry has evolved dramatically since Damilare's early days, with advancements in cloud computing, big data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) marking the transformative changes.

Today, the IT industry faces challenges such as cybersecurity threats, talent shortages, and the complexity of cloud computing. Damilare sees these challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. He envisions the industry headed towards further integration of AI and ML, advancements in quantum computing, and a greater emphasis on cybersecurity and sustainable technology practices in the next 5-10 years.

Damilare is particularly excited about the potential of AI and ML to revolutionize various sectors, quantum computing, and the advancements in edge computing. His advice to newcomers in the industry is to focus on continuous learning, networking, and gaining practical experience. He emphasizes the importance of adaptability, resilience, and maintaining a positive attitude when facing setbacks and challenges.

Inspired by industry pioneers like Tim Berners-Lee, Grace Hopper, and contemporary leaders such as Satya Nadella, Damilare aims to embody innovation, leadership, and a commitment to impactful technology development. Outside his professional life, Damilare enjoys reading, playing games, and staying active in the gym, reflecting his well-rounded approach to life and work.

Oyeku Ebenezer Damilare's professional biography highlights his significant contributions to the IT industry, his leadership in driving technological innovation, and his role as a key member of the International Trade Council's Business Council.