Pablo Ferrero

CEO of Flat World Communication LLC

Pablo Ferrero - Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Digital Commerce


Meet Pablo Ferrero, a seasoned expert in international trade, supply chains, and digital commerce, serving as the Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Digital Commerce within the International Trade Council. With a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation, Pablo is a driving force in the field.

As the CEO of Flat World Communication LLC, Pablo leads a cutting-edge marketing and design agency with a global presence, including offices in Miami, USA; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Bogota, Colombia, along with strategic partners in Dublin, Ireland, and Madrid, Spain. For over 25 years, his agency, FWC Advertising, has provided creative solutions to clients around the world, spanning business development, marketing, and advertising in both print and digital realms.

Pablo's journey into this dynamic industry began with a solid foundation. He founded FWC Advertising after gaining more than five years of invaluable experience in key positions at some of New York's leading agencies. His tenure in New York saw him overseeing successful marketing campaigns, spearheading innovative design projects, and contributing to new business development, providing him with the expertise to establish his own agency.

His educational qualifications, including a professional degree in Graphic Design and master's degrees in American Design and Corporate Identity, have equipped him with a deep understanding of visual communication, brand development, and design nuances specific to American markets.

Throughout his career, Pablo has been instrumental in high-profile campaigns and niche market ventures, contributing to the success of FWC Advertising. He's particularly proud of launching FWC Publishing, diversifying their offerings and expanding their client base.

Pablo has witnessed the industry's evolution from traditional analog communications to the digital age and now into the era of AI. He recognizes the unprecedented changes and challenges that have arisen in a short span of time.

In today's landscape, the industry faces the transformative impact of AI. Pablo and his team at FWC Advertising are actively exploring how to leverage this technology effectively and considering its potential global implications.

Looking ahead, Pablo is optimistic about the industry's future, driven by the infusion of fresh perspectives from the younger generation and advances in tools and AI collaboration. He's particularly excited about the integration of AI into marketing and design workflows and the emergence of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, which revolutionize communication and customer engagement.

For aspiring professionals, Pablo emphasizes the value of joining a team with experience to offer and learning from both personal and collective mistakes. He advocates for an Agile mindset, where setbacks are seen as opportunities for evolution and innovation.

Pablo draws inspiration from industry leaders like Milton Glaser in design and Elena Ambrociadou in business, appreciating their contributions to the field.

Beyond his professional life, Pablo is passionate about sports, particularly those connecting him with nature, such as watersports and mountain sports. Traveling and exploring diverse cultures are essential to him, allowing him to appreciate the beauty of the world.

Pablo Ferrero's dedication to international trade and digital commerce, combined with his creative vision and leadership, make him a remarkable presence in the industry.