Lijie Zhu

Managing Director of Dragon Gate Investment Partners

Lijie Zhu - Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Meet Lijie Zhu, an esteemed figure in the world of international finance and technology, currently serving as the Deputy Chairman of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology within the International Trade Council. With an impressive background and diverse skill set, Lijie is at the forefront of shaping the future of investments in cutting-edge technology.

As the Managing Director of Dragon Gate Investment Partners, headquartered in the heart of New York City, Lijie leads a unique investment firm that focuses on space-related technology and transformative art, both of which have the potential to reshape our world and drive innovation.

Lijie's journey in the finance industry began as a Credit Analyst at Rogge Global Partners in London after completing an MBA degree from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This early experience laid the foundation for a successful career in finance, marked by a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies.

What sets Lijie Zhu apart is her impressive educational background. She holds four degrees, including a Bachelor's degree in Journalism, a law degree, a Master of Science degree in Natural Resource Management, and an MBA degree. This diverse academic foundation empowers her with a multifaceted perspective on the financial world and a unique ability to approach investment decisions from various angles.

Lijie's key projects, including CorpStarter and Interstellar Communication Holdings, have played a pivotal role in contributing to her success in the business. These initiatives reflect her forward-thinking approach and her commitment to embracing innovative technologies and concepts.

One of the standout accomplishments in Lijie's career is Dragon Gate Investment Partners being awarded the Business Model Innovation of the Year by the International Trade Council. This recognition, received at the Go Global Awards Ceremony in 2022, underscores her firm's innovative approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of the financial industry.

Throughout her career, Lijie has witnessed the financial industry undergo significant transformation, akin to the complex layers of the movie "Inception." This evolution involves the seeding of new ideas, shaping perceptions, navigating layers of regulations, overcoming resistance, and ultimately impacting real-world outcomes.

Currently, one of the biggest challenges facing the financial industry is maintaining trust and integrity. Clients entrust their financial well-being to institutions, expecting transparency, accuracy, and unbiased advice. Upholding these values is paramount to fulfilling the industry's role in facilitating economic growth.

Looking ahead, Lijie believes that the financial industry faces a choice—continue the process of inception or return to fundamental values with integrity. The next 5-10 years will likely be characterized by waves of uncertainty, demanding adaptability and sustainability.

Lijie Zhu is excited about the emergence of commercial space exploration, satellite technologies, and space tourism. These developments offer unparalleled opportunities to expand our understanding of the universe, potentially revolutionizing the financial landscape.

For newcomers to the financial industry, Lijie's advice is simple yet profound: Take good care of your first customer, and the next. Building credibility and trust are essential steps to success in this dynamic field.

In the face of setbacks and challenges, Lijie draws inspiration from the motto, "Never give up. Never surrender," reminiscent of the movie "Galaxy Quest."

Outside her professional life, Lijie enjoys scuba diving, reading books about extraterrestrial life, and indulging in the adventures of the "Legend of Zelda." These hobbies reflect her curiosity and passion for exploration beyond the confines of the financial world.