Leung King Wai, William

Principal Solicitor of William KW Leung & Co.

Leung King Wai, William- Member of the Business Council for Legal


Leung King Wai, William, the Principal Solicitor at William KW Leung & Co., is a distinguished figure in the legal profession, having carved a niche for himself and his firm in the complex landscape of Hong Kong laws and English common law. With expertise spanning across contentious and non-contentious legal areas, William's work encompasses international litigation, arbitration, corporate insolvency, capital market transactions, and more. His firm, established in 1992, stands as a beacon for clients seeking legal guidance in sectors such as maritime shipping aviation, commercial investments, and intellectual property rights, among others.

William embarked on his legal journey with a solid educational background, including a Bachelor in English Laws from Cardiff University and a Master of Laws from the University of London. His legal prowess is further certified by his qualifications to practice across various jurisdictions, including England & Wales, Hong Kong SAR, Australia, and the British Virgin Islands. Notably, William is one of the few solicitors in Hong Kong with higher rights of audience, a testament to his exceptional advocacy skills.

Throughout his career, William has contributed significantly to the legal field, from handling high-profile corporate insolvencies to engaging in pivotal international arbitrations. His leadership in establishing comprehensive legal frameworks and solutions for diverse clients reflects his commitment to excellence and innovation. William's tenure as a visiting lecturer at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University underscores his dedication to nurturing future legal minds, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with the next generation.

William's professional journey is marked by a series of landmark cases and leading decisions that have influenced the Hong Kong common law system. His role as a solicitor advocate and arbitrator across multiple jurisdictions highlights his versatility and global perspective on legal matters. William's affiliations with esteemed arbitration panels and legal institutions worldwide speak volumes of his respected status in the international legal community.

Looking ahead, William envisions a dynamic future for the legal industry, with a growing emphasis on arbitration due to its confidentiality and efficiency. He remains at the forefront of embracing technological advancements like AI to enhance legal practices and is keenly interested in the trend towards arbitration over traditional court proceedings.

For those aspiring to make their mark in the legal profession, William advises focusing on areas with global relevance and potential for international engagement. His approach to overcoming professional challenges combines strategic thinking, efficiency, and close collaboration with clients, ensuring optimal outcomes while navigating the complexities of the legal landscape.

Outside the courtroom, William is a prolific author, contributing to legal journals and books. His passion for yachting and his pursuit of further academic excellence, including a Ph.D. in law at Tsinghua University, reflect his multifaceted personality and relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.