Jussi Tommola

CEO of Yellow May Oy

Jussi Tommola- Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Jussi Tommola, the CEO of Yellow May Oy, stands at the forefront of innovation within the insurance industry. With a mission to revolutionize products and processes, Yellow May Oy specializes in strategy design, product and process creation, and fostering partnerships across the insurance and technology sectors. This commitment to enhancing value for insurance product end-users has marked Jussi and his company as pioneers in insurance innovation consulting.

Jussi embarked on his journey in the insurance field by initially working for an assistance company closely tied to the industry. His educational background is as diverse as his career, holding an eMBA from Henley Business School, a product developer's degree from Rastor, and a Negonomics certification in negotiations. These qualifications, combined with his innate curiosity, open-mindedness, stress management skills, and personable nature, have been pivotal in his professional development and success.

Throughout his career, Jussi's proudest achievements include scaling a company's revenue from €500k to €40 million and fostering an open-minded culture within Yellow May Oy to discover and develop the right products. His experiences reflect a deep-seated belief in the power of innovation and the importance of adapting to the evolving needs of policyholders and technological advancements.

The insurance industry, according to Jussi, is undergoing significant transformation, driven by changing risk profiles and economic pressures at both local and global levels. Looking forward, he envisions a future where embedded insurance products and precise risk identification methods dominate, offering more tailored and efficient solutions to consumers.

For those aspiring to enter the insurance industry, Jussi advises recognizing the sector's broad impact on various aspects of life and embracing the exciting opportunities it presents. He approaches setbacks and challenges as learning opportunities, always seeking to improve and advance.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jussi is deeply passionate about beach volleyball, both as a coach and player, and maintains an active lifestyle. His role model in the field is Keld Jensen, renowned for his expertise in negotiation, from whom Jussi draws inspiration for achieving great success.

Jussi Tommola's journey in the insurance industry, marked by significant accomplishments and a forward-thinking approach, exemplifies his role as a leader in the field and a member of the International Trade Council's Business Council. His contributions to the industry and commitment to innovation continue to inspire professionals and companies alike to strive for excellence and embrace change.