Karine Bruck

CEO of Ecosolve SL

Karine Bruck- Member of the Business Council for Logistics and Transportation

Karine Bruck stands as a prominent figure within the Logistics and Transportation Business Council of the International Trade Council, leveraging her vast expertise to steer her company, Ecosolve SL, towards groundbreaking success in the strategic and operational consultancy landscape. As CEO, Karine embodies a visionary approach, dedicating her professional life to fostering growth and innovation in national and international multi-sector SMEs.

Ecosolve SL, under Karine's leadership, specializes in a broad spectrum of consultancy services. These encompass the identification of growth potential areas, development of optimized strategies for sales enhancement, and comprehensive advice on logistics and international transport to boost competitiveness and operational efficiency. Moreover, the company excels in navigating the complexities of customs requirements, international taxation, and business start-ups in foreign markets, ensuring clients achieve a streamlined and effective expansion into global markets.

Karine's journey into the international consultancy arena was propelled by her significant contributions as an internationalisation manager, where she managed projects across Europe, America, and Africa, focusing on the integrated treatment of hazardous healthcare waste. This experience laid the foundation for establishing KBK International in 2011, marking the inception of her entrepreneurial venture.

Her educational background, including law degrees from three different European universities and official recognition as a customs representative in the European Union, has been instrumental in her ascent within the industry. Karine's professional journey is distinguished by her development of a unique methodology for assessing SMEs' potential and generating strategic growth plans, alongside her expertise in logistics, customs, and international taxation consultancy.

Karine's accomplishments are numerous, but she takes particular pride in the establishment of her own company, viewing it as a testament to her resilience, innovation, and commitment to excellence. She has witnessed the industry's evolution towards digitalisation and the increasing importance of adaptability in leveraging new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, foreseeing its continuous impact on the sector's future.

Despite the challenges and her tongue-in-cheek advice to newcomers considering other sectors, Karine emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, building strategic partnerships, and unwavering dedication to overcoming obstacles. Inspired by figures like Audrey Hepburn for her talent and charm, Karine also nurtures a rich life outside her professional realm, enjoying reading, painting, traveling, antiques, and classic English series, embodying the essence of a free spirit and a global business leader.

Karine Bruck's role within the International Trade Council's Business Council for Logistics and Transportation is not just as a member but as a beacon of innovation, expertise, and leadership, driving forward the principles and practices that will shape the future of the industry.