Anthony Folan

Managing Director and Integral HR Solutions Inc.

Meet Anthony Folan, a visionary member of the International Trade Council, and the driving force behind Integral HR Solutions Inc. As a seasoned professional in leadership training and coaching, Anthony's journey is marked by transformative contributions to multiple sectors.

With two decades of leadership and management experience in the corporate world across Canada and America, Anthony's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Integral HR Solutions in 2007. His desire to make a positive impact on professionals' lives propelled him into providing exceptional leadership development, management training, and executive coaching solutions.

Anthony's dedication to continuous learning and adapting to industry changes has been key to his success. His academic pursuits, combined with practical experience, have allowed him to stay at the forefront of evolving trends. Working with professionals on a global scale has fostered his deep appreciation for diversity and different perspectives.

Integral HR Solutions' impact is felt across Canada, the U.S.A, Mexico, and Europe. Anthony's collaborations have introduced best-in-class practices that spark cultural transformations in various industries. His dedication to improving organizational dynamics and nurturing talent resonates through these partnerships.

The industry's evolution mirrors Anthony's dedication to people. The focus has shifted towards retaining and engaging talent in a competitive job market. As businesses grapple with attracting top-tier employees, Anthony's insights and solutions have become even more vital.

Looking ahead, Anthony envisions a landscape where AI-driven advancements and technology reshape the industry. Virtual training and coaching sessions have emerged as cost-effective methods, revolutionizing the traditional approach.

To those entering the industry, Anthony's advice echoes his own journey: Build strong relationships and treat all individuals with respect. Embracing setbacks as opportunities, fostering resilience, and contributing to solutions are central to his approach.

Beyond his professional sphere, Anthony's inspiration comes from President Obama, a beacon of integrity and credibility. His dedication to work-life balance is evident in his passion for photography and international travel, showcasing his multifaceted personality.