Hanson J Ansary

President & CEO of GMS Global Management Services, Inc.

Hanson J. Ansary - Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets


Hanson J. Ansary stands at the helm of GMS Global Management Services, Inc. as its President & CEO, leading the organization to be the premier choice in the US and Canada for international corporate event planning. With a rich tapestry of education and experience, including a Ph.D. in business, an MBA, and an MA in Economics, Hanson’s journey in the hospitality and events industry began in 2002. Recruited to lead a company in financial turmoil, his leadership has since transformed GMS into a powerhouse known for organizing a spectrum of corporate events from incentive programs and tradeshows to non-profit galas.

Under Hanson's stewardship, GMS has been pivotal in executing landmark projects, notably the launch of "Polestar Electric Vehicles." His tenure in the industry has allowed him to witness and contribute to its evolution from manual to digital and AI-based planning, positioning GMS at the cutting edge of event management.

Proudly recognized in several who's who publications, Hanson attributes his success to creativity, versatility, and an open-minded approach. These traits, coupled with his commitment and perseverance, have enabled him to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the events industry, which continues to evolve in response to both domestic and global economic conditions.

Looking forward, Hanson sees an industry on the brink of further transformation, with AI integration deepening and processes becoming increasingly intertwined with clients' operations. His advice to newcomers in the field emphasizes the importance of adaptability and innovation as key drivers of success.

Outside the dynamic world of corporate event planning, Hanson enjoys the tranquility of hiking and the excitement of world travel, pursuits that reflect his appreciation for exploration and discovery. Hanson J. Ansary is a visionary leader whose contributions to the hospitality and events industry are matched only by his passion for pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.