Hansruedi Forster

CEO / Managing Director of FORSTER INFORMATIK GmbH (Ltd.)

Hansruedi Forster- Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Hansruedi Forster stands at the helm of FORSTER INFORMATIK GmbH as its CEO and Managing Director, guiding the company through the evolving landscape of managed IT services. Since its inception in 2013, FORSTER INFORMATIK GmbH has been at the forefront of aiding small to large companies in enhancing their IT frameworks, emphasizing cloud computing, digitalization, and transformation to pave the way for efficiency and future success.

His journey in the IT sector is backed by a longstanding association with major corporations such as DIGITAL EQUIPMENT Corp., IBM, HP, HPE, and DXC Technology, allowing him a comprehensive understanding and expertise in IT engineering, IT security, IT lifecycle management, and ITIL processes. Hansruedi's educational and professional journey has been a testament to the critical role of IT in company transformation and transition.

One of Hansruedi's notable contributions includes facilitating IT transformations for national and international financial institutions, an achievement that underscores his commitment to excellent customer collaboration. This, coupled with his pride in successfully migrating clients to new data centers, highlights the impactful role he plays in the IT service management sector.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, from punch card systems to the brink of ubiquitous artificial intelligence, Hansruedi acknowledges the rapid technological advancements and the accompanying challenges, particularly the pressing need for upskilling to address the expert gap. Looking ahead, he anticipates significant growth in artificial intelligence, while also noting that the industry's trajectory will heavily depend on geopolitical stability and the integrity of global value chains.

For those aspiring to carve a niche in the IT industry, Hansruedi advises a comprehensive understanding of the sector's historical developments to foster a holistic approach. He approaches setbacks with a strategy of upskilling, embodying resilience and a continuous quest for knowledge.

Hansruedi's inspirations are not tied to specific role models but rather an inner guidance and a calling towards higher objectives. Beyond his professional realm, he finds solace and enthusiasm in amateur radio and science, which not only complement his professional expertise but also enrich his personal life with a broad spectrum of interests.