Hanna Fitz

Founder/International Brand Strategist of Cultured Life LLC

Hanna Fitz- Member of the Business Council for Women in International Trade


Hanna Fitz is the Founder and International Brand Strategist at Cultured Life, an ed-tech company focused on empowering and growing women-led brands. Hanna's passion for brand development and advertising was sparked at a young age, inspired by the creative world depicted in a romance novel featuring a creative director. After completing her university education, where she pursued degrees in Corporate Management and International Commercial Law (LLM), Hanna embarked on a journey into the corporate world as a new product development officer for a financial group of companies. A few years later, she established a boutique consulting firm.

Today, Cultured Life offers online educational programs, retreats, coaching, and consulting services tailored for founder-led brands. Through their proprietary Brand IT Factor™ method, Hanna and her team provide entrepreneurs with assessment reports that uncover the unconscious archetypes driving their personal and business brand success. Passionate about female founder success, Cultured Life LLC creates an online space where women can package their brilliance into a world-class brand, achieving true freedom while making a meaningful impact in the world.

One of Hanna's notable achievements includes a partnership with Italian fine dining water brands San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna in 2014, where she organized a Caribbean culinary competition hosted in Saint Lucia aimed at empowering young people and showcasing their talent. Through collaboration, the initiative provided opportunities for participants from underserved communities to gain meaningful employment in leading restaurants, kickstarting their culinary careers.

Hanna has witnessed significant industry evolution since her inception, with rapid technological advancements driving shorter cycles of change. While technology presents challenges in keeping up with the latest tools and platforms such as AI, VR, and blockchain, it also offers greater opportunities for small business owners to reach global markets.

Looking ahead, Hanna foresees a future where AI plays a central role in the industry, alongside a growing demand for high-touch, personalized services. Despite the challenges, Hanna remains open to evolving and adapting quickly, viewing setbacks as setups for a more aligned path forward.

Hanna draws inspiration from individuals like Anne Wojcicki co-founder of  23andMe and George Soros, admiring their innovative approaches in their field. Particularly Soros's approach of blending philosophy with economic strategy. Outside of her professional life, Hanna enjoys playing golf, sailing, cooking, and exploring new cultures. Currently, she is learning German in her pursuit of continuous personal and professional growth.