Elitza Stoilova

Elitza Stoilova

CEO of Umni

Elitza Stoilova - Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Elitza Stoilova is a paragon of innovative thinking in the field of Information Technology for SMEs, leading as the CEO of Umni, a company that revolutionizes business-customer communication through its no-code AI chatbot platform. Umni empowers businesses across industries to create bespoke AI chatbots, enhancing customer interactions and employee performance while optimizing costs and ensuring round-the-clock support. Stoilova's journey into this groundbreaking venture was inspired by her extensive background in tourism, where she recognized the critical role of timely and quality communication in enhancing service delivery and the need of a technological support of the employees in accomplishing a premium customer experience.

With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in hospitality and tourism, Stoilova has amassed a wealth of experience, notably as Marketing Director and General Manager within the hotel sector and as a destination marketing consultant. Her academic accomplishments include a bachelor’s in public relations and mass communication and specialization in business management and operations.

Under Stoilova's leadership, Umni has undertaken significant projects that underscore its commitment to innovation and excellence. Among these is the pioneering AI city tourist chatbot, Plovdiv City Concierge, developed for tourists of Plovdiv as the European Capital of Culture in 2019, exemplifying Umni's potential to enhance tourist experiences through technology. Although today Umni no-code AI chatbot platform supports businesses from various industries, from retail and service businesses to education, non-profit organizations and others, Elitza continuously look for ways to support the recovery of tourism businesses through AI technology.

Stoilova's professional accolades are a testament to her visionary leadership and Umni contribution to technology adoption by SMEs. In 2023, she led Umni to victory in the UNWTO Global Startup Competition with a project focusing on AI Concierge for Destinations, further cementing Umni's status as an Innovation Champion of the UNWTO. Umni recognitions by the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria, the EU Travel Awards‘23 and BoostX Scale-up program (Portugal) highlight Elitza commitment in integrating AI solutions into tourism and hospitality.

The evolution of the chatbot from a basic tool to a versatile AI-powered solution has been in the focus of Stoilova's professional development. Despite challenges such as lack of digital literacy among SMEs, she envisions a future where AI enhances every aspect of business operations and personal assistance, making life more organized, efficient, and enjoyable with people gaining more time to invest in their personal development.

Stoilova advises aspiring industry professionals to focus on unsolved problems, leveraging AI to find better solutions. Her approach to setbacks involves stepping back to gain perspective, seeking mentorship, and engaging in collaborative problem-solving with her team and partner.

Drawing inspiration from diverse fields and literature, Stoilova is a lifelong learner. Outside her professional realm, she enjoys nature walks, reading, movies, self-development, and arts, striving for a balanced and enriching personal life.

Elitza Stoilova's leadership at Umni and her commitment to the International Trade Council's Innovation and Technology Business Council exemplify her dedication to transforming businesses and improving lives through advancing technology solutions.