Ekaterine Dojurishvili

Founder of Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho

Ekaterine Dojurishvili- Member of  The Business Council for Women in International Trade

Ekaterine Dojurishvili is a distinguished leader and innovator in the Georgian dairy processing and agritourism sectors. As the founder of Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho, she has played a pivotal role in revitalizing traditional Georgian cheese and dairy products, emphasizing their authenticity and high quality. Her commitment to preserving Georgian dairy traditions has not only led to the success of her enterprise but also solidified her position as a respected member of the Women in International Trade Business Council.

Beginning her career with a solid foundation in economics, Ekaterine's journey has spanned various roles, including accountant, promoter, and sales manager. Her diverse experience in service-oriented industries has profoundly influenced her business approach, especially in sales and customer relations. Ekaterine's fluency in Russian and English, coupled with her proficiency in office software, brings a unique skill set to her business endeavors. Her entrepreneurial spirit is complemented by her significant roles outside Marta Bebo's, such as chairing the Tianeti Tourism Development Association and serving as a delegate for the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Ekaterine's strategic vision has led to notable achievements, including securing grants from Elkana and Land O' Lakes, which facilitated the expansion of Marta Bebo's Dambalkhacho. These efforts have enabled the construction of a facility compliant with HACCP standards, powered by solar energy, and equipped with a bio-sewage system, underscoring her dedication to environmental sustainability and quality production. Her work in reviving the ancient cheese technology of Dambalkhacho has earned widespread customer trust and recognition, placing her enterprise on the map as a pivotal part of the region's culinary heritage.

In observing the dairy and agritourism industries' evolution, Ekaterine has inspired new business ventures and agricultural practices in Tianeti, enhancing economic growth and tourism. She envisions expanding her agrotourism services and employing innovative marketing strategies to introduce Georgian dairy traditions to a global audience.

Ekaterine encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their unique visions with perseverance, drawing inspiration from the achievements of Swiss and Italian cheesemakers, as well as luminaries like Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill. She underscores the importance of tradition while advocating for innovation.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ekaterine's passion for travel, photography, and music reflects her zest for exploration and creativity.

Ekaterine Dojurishvili's transformative journey from economist to industry pioneer exemplifies her innovative spirit, commitment to preserving tradition, and pursuit of excellence. As a key figure in the Women in International Trade Business Council, she continues to influence global commerce and empower women in the business world, marking her as a true inspiration in her field.