Charles Mulele

Managing Director of TiB Insurance Brokers

Charles Mulele - Member of the Business Council for Banking and Trade Finance

Charles Mulele, the Managing Director of TiB Insurance Brokers, exemplifies leadership and innovation in the Banking / Finance / Trade Finance Business Council of the International Trade Council. At the helm of TiB Insurance Brokers, Mulele has steered the company to become a leading force in short-term insurance broking and trade finance in Zimbabwe, with notable operations in Harare and Bulawayo.

Beginning his illustrious career as a Trainee Underwriter in 1991, Mulele's ascension to becoming a controlling shareholder of TiB Insurance Brokers is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and leadership in the industry. His educational background, fortified with qualifications from the Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA), has been instrumental in his professional development and the growth of TiB Insurance Brokers.

Under Mulele's guidance, TiB Insurance Brokers has expanded its product range significantly, particularly through initiatives in Trade Finance Instruments. This diversification has not only enhanced the firm's offerings but also solidified its position in the market as a comprehensive provider of insurance and financial advisory services, including property and casualty, health and medical, life, and pensions insurance services.

Mulele's professional journey is marked by noteworthy accomplishments, including those achieved through the IISA, which he proudly regards as significant milestones in his career. His experience has witnessed the industry's evolution towards digitalization and the challenges of adapting to a globalized business environment. Despite the hurdles, such as rate undercutting in Zimbabwe, Mulele remains optimistic about the industry's future, envisioning a positive shift in the next 5-10 years.

Excited about the prospects of cybersecurity enhancements within the insurance and trade finance industry, Mulele advises newcomers to the field to maintain focus, uphold integrity, and continuously develop their skills. His approach to overcoming setbacks and challenges through prayer, composure, and stability reflects his resilience and strategic mindset.

Russell Smith, the founding member of TiB Insurance Brokers, serves as Mulele's role model and source of inspiration, exemplifying the values of leadership and commitment to excellence. Beyond his professional endeavors, Mulele enjoys jogging and spreading the gospel of God, activities that enrich his life and underscore his commitment to community and personal well-being.

As a distinguished member of the International Trade Council's Banking / Finance / Trade Finance Business Council, Charles Mulele's contributions to the insurance and trade finance sectors demonstrate his vision and leadership, driving forward the future of TiB Insurance Brokers and the industry at large.