Charles Mok

Charles Mok

Director of International Center for Trade Transparency and Monitoring

Charles Mok - Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Charles Mok, serving as the Director at the International Center for Trade Transparency and Monitoring, has been a formidable presence in the realm of technology and business for over four decades. With the foundation of the organization in November 2022, Mok spearheaded its mission to revolutionize global commerce and enhance market transparency, positioning it as a pivotal player in the supply chain and international trade data industry.

His extensive experience encompasses a broad spectrum of sectors including technology, business, civil society, government, and public policy. This diverse background has equipped him with a unique perspective and a versatile skill set that he has leveraged to drive significant global and regional initiatives in Internet development.

Mok's career is dotted with professional accomplishments that span the globe, reflecting his commitment to serving both private and public organizations with his expertise in technology, business, and policy. One of his most notable achievements is his contribution to the evolution of the Internet, which he regards as a major force that has transformed the world.

The industry, according to Mok, is at a crucial juncture where technology presents both unprecedented opportunities and formidable challenges. His vision for the future, although he refrains from making predictions, suggests a landscape that will be markedly different from today's, particularly with the advent of artificial intelligence which he identifies as an exciting trend.

For those entering the industry, Mok advises a comprehensive understanding of both the technological aspects and the legal and policy frameworks that govern them. This interdisciplinary approach is essential for navigating the complex interplay between technology, law, and policy.

In facing setbacks and challenges, Mok emphasizes perseverance and the importance of listening, strategies that have guided him through the complexities of his work. His role models and inspirations are the countless individuals who have contributed to the advancement of technology and innovation, and to ensuring equitable access to these advancements.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Mok enjoys reading, watching movies, and hiking, activities that offer him respite and rejuvenation. His contributions to the International Trade Council's Innovation and Technology Business Council, alongside his leadership at the International Center for Trade Transparency and Monitoring, underscore his enduring commitment to fostering transparency and efficiency in global commerce.