Chatchai Chanvej

Business Development Manager of Finema

Chatchai Chanvej- Member of the Business for Innovation and Technology


Chatchai Chanvej serves as the Business Development Manager at Finema, a pioneering firm in the Information and Technology sector that specializes in Enterprise Identity Management Solutions and Digital Transformation Services. His journey in the tech industry began with a focus on digital transformation, marking the start of an illustrious career dedicated to innovating and simplifying complex digital identity challenges.

With a background enriched by involvement in significant projects like the Thailand Pass - an entry platform for Thailand, Chatchai has demonstrated exceptional project management skills and a knack for strategic planning. This particular project stands out as a testament to his ability to manage complex digital infrastructures, making travel authorization seamless for global travelers.

The industry has witnessed remarkable evolution since Chatchai started, transforming into a cornerstone for global travel authorization and digital identity verification. Today, he prides himself on his contributions to making identity verification more seamless and secure, addressing some of the biggest challenges in the field, including the intricate balance between identity verification accuracy and user-friendly communication channels.

Looking forward, Chatchai sees the industry moving towards more integrated, seamless, and digitally-driven solutions that prioritize ease of use without compromising security. He is particularly excited about the advancements in identity verification technologies for both individuals and corporations, viewing these as pivotal to the industry's future.

For those aspiring to make their mark in the IT and digital transformation arena, Chatchai advises focusing on identifying and addressing real-world pain points with innovative solutions. His approach to overcoming setbacks and challenges involves open communication and thorough research, ensuring that every problem is met with a well-considered strategy for resolution.

Inspired by the collective genius of the Google Team, Chatchai's professional journey is a blend of innovation, leadership, and continuous learning. Beyond the confines of his professional pursuits, he harbors a passion for traveling the world and delving into the depths of world history, reflecting a curiosity that transcends both personal and professional realms.

As a member of the International Trade Council's Business Council, Chatchai Chanvej stands as a distinguished figure in the Innovation and Technology sector, embodying the spirit of forward-thinking and relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the council.