Chanda Nacua

Project Manager of Texas Instruments

Chanda Nacua- Chairperson of the Business Council for Manufacturing


Chanda Nacua is a distinguished IT Project Manager at Texas Instruments Phils Inc and a respected leader within the International Trade Council, where she presides over the Manufacturing Business Council. With an impressive career rooted in the electronics and manufacturing industry, Chanda has made significant contributions to her field, leveraging her expertise in Operations, Planning, IT management, and corporate entrepreneurship.

Chanda embarked on her journey in the industry, driven by early opportunities in electronics and manufacturing. Her academic credentials include a Master in Business Administration from Ateneo de Manila University and Regis University, Denver, Colorado  USA; and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from MIT, Mapua Institute of Technology ( presently known as Mapua University ) . These qualifications, combined with her extensive skill set, have played a pivotal role in her career progression.

Her proficiencies encompass a wide range of essential areas, including planning, operations management, IT management, PMO (Project Management Office), financial management, corporate entrepreneurship, business analysis, problem-solving, corporate governance, strategic partnerships, organizational leadership, and excellent oral and written communication. Her capacity for change management has also been a valuable asset.

Throughout her career, Chanda Nacua has been involved in key projects and initiatives focused on supply chain optimization, production planning, quality management, and automation. Her diligent efforts have led to notable achievements, particularly in increasing productivity in operations and capacity planning.

As Chanda reflects on the evolution of the industry since her early days, she acknowledges the significant advancements in both analog and digital solutions, marking a transformative technological landscape.

Presently, the industry grapples with challenges related to supply chain management and cost-efficient manufacturing. These challenges require innovative solutions to maintain competitiveness.

In the coming 5-10 years, Chanda envisions the widespread application of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) driving the demand for innovative solutions across the manufacturing landscape.

Among the exciting trends in the industry, Chanda is particularly enthusiastic about the possibilities brought forth by AI and IoT, which promise to revolutionize manufacturing processes.

For newcomers entering the industry, Chanda offers valuable advice—embrace learning as you navigate through various roles and platforms. Adapting to different facets of the industry will foster growth and expertise.

In the face of setbacks and challenges, Chanda's approach is resolute—maximize learning from the experience and respond swiftly to find effective solutions.

Chanda draws inspiration from role models like Kim Knickle, who have made a significant impact through research and analysis of business and IT issues for manufacturers. Technologies that are changing the way manufacturers buy and use IT, and its transformative contribution to an organizations investment priorities and plans, are few of Kim’s expertise.

Beyond her professional life, Chanda is passionate about poetry, performing arts, and travel, demonstrating a well-rounded and creative aspect of her personality. Her diverse interests complement her successful career in the electronics and manufacturing industry, making her a dynamic and accomplished leader within the International Trade Council.