Cecil H Strickland

Non-Excecutive Director of Avenir Digital Inc

Cecil Strickland- Board Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence


Cecil Strickland is an esteemed Board Member of the International Trade Council and an influential leader in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a vast career spanning over 30 years, Cecil has made significant contributions to the realms of technology, procurement, real estate, and more.

His professional journey began with a profound commitment to global operations, where he accumulated extensive experience in diverse areas, including procurement, real estate, facilities, technology, sales, and risk management. Cecil's unique and comprehensive skill set encompasses mergers and acquisitions, enterprise risk management, private equity investments, and numerous facets of business application technologies.

One of Cecil's noteworthy achievements was the successful implementation of a Global IT Center of Excellence organization restructure. By harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning for digital automation, he not only improved productivity but also achieved targeted OPEX savings of 30% per year.

Throughout his career, Cecil has led senior teams through complex demerger and acquisition processes, demonstrating exceptional leadership in guiding these critical transitions. He played a pivotal role in the demerger of Collateral Management Corporation to Teranet and supported all acquisitions made by Finastra as the executive leader for Procurement, Real Estate, and Travel.

Cecil's perspective on the industry's evolution is informed by a journey that began in the era of mainframes, predating the advent of modern computing technologies. He has witnessed the transition from mainframes to today's advanced technologies, with AI and ML marking the next significant chapter in technological progress.

The challenges facing the industry today revolve around data security and management, areas where Cecil's expertise is instrumental. Looking ahead, Cecil envisions AI and ML becoming integral to all Software as a Service (SaaS) products and standard technologies, defining the future of software development.

His excitement about advancements in science and technology, driven by AI and ML's ability to analyze vast amounts of data, underscores his forward-thinking approach. Cecil's advice to newcomers is to view AI/ML as just another tool, with ongoing improvements continually shaping the landscape.

When faced with setbacks and challenges, Cecil views them as invaluable learning opportunities. He values personal growth and continuous improvement.

In his field, Cecil finds inspiration in the progress of science and technology, guided by a personal sense of role models.

Beyond his professional life, Cecil maintains a clear distinction between personal and professional interests, reflecting his commitment to both spheres.