Chandra Prakash Gupta


Chandra Prakash Gupta- Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence


Chandra Prakash Gupta, the CEO of CSPRO TECHNOLOGY, is a seasoned professional in the Information Technology (IT) industry. With a bachelor's degree in information technology and three years of professional certification in System Engineering & Networking, Chandra possesses a strong educational background that has laid the foundation for his successful career.

Chandra's journey into the IT industry began with a deep-rooted passion for technology and problem-solving. Fascinated by how things worked from a young age, he pursued a degree in Computer Science, where he honed his programming, system analysis, and software development skills. This passion and curiosity eventually led him to establish CSPRO TECHNOLOGY, a leading IT solutions provider specializing in system integration, web development, and application development.

One of Chandra's most significant accomplishments is founding CSPRO TECHNOLOGY and witnessing its growth into a reputable company. Starting with a small team and a handful of clients, the company has flourished under his leadership, delivering innovative, reliable, and scalable IT solutions to clients worldwide.

Throughout his career, Chandra has witnessed remarkable transformations in the IT industry, driven by rapid innovation and technological advancements. Key trends such as the rise of cloud computing and the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning have reshaped the industry landscape.

Looking ahead, Chandra envisions substantial growth and transformation in the IT industry over the next decade. Predictions include ubiquitous AI and machine learning, quantum computing, and the expansion of edge computing.

Excited about emerging technologies, Chandra is deeply immersed in developments such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum computing, and edge computing. He believes these innovations have the potential to revolutionize our world in profound ways.

For those starting their careers in the IT industry, Chandra offers valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning, building a strong foundation, and gaining practical experience through internships and project-based courses.

In handling setbacks and challenges, Chandra maintains a positive mindset, analyzes situations objectively, breaks down problems into manageable components, and seeks input and collaboration from team members and mentors.

Inspired by industry leaders such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Chandra is driven to make a positive impact in the IT industry. Outside of work, he enjoys playing cricket and relaxing with music, finding balance and fulfillment in his personal interests.