Adrien Rangira

Partner of JOHN W FFOOKS & CO

Adrien Rangira- Member of the Business Council for Legal


Adrien Rangira serves as a Partner at John W Ffooks & Co and is an esteemed member of the Business Council on Legal Affairs within the International Trade Council. With a career spanning over three decades, Adrien's expertise lies in navigating the legal intricacies of sub-Saharan Francophone Africa.

As a resident Partner in the Senegal office, Adrien leads the OHADA Practice team, specializing in telecommunications, banking, and various facets of commercial and business law across the region. His journey began with a Bachelor of Public Law from the University of Ottawa, followed by a master's in the OHADA legal system from the University of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Additionally, he holds a Master's in Diplomatic and Strategic Studies from CEDS in Paris and a Doctorate in International Relations from the University of Sorbonne, Paris.

Adrien's professional accomplishments are notable, including the creation of a comprehensive OHADA-country knowledge database, providing unparalleled access to legal texts and information across the region. His tenure at John W Ffooks & Co has seen him lead teams in issuing opinions on banking and telecom regulations, while also spearheading significant transactions in various business sectors.

Throughout his career, Adrien has witnessed significant shifts in the legal landscape of Africa, adapting to trends like economic liberalization, regional integration, and technological advancements. He anticipates further integration, technological adoption, and specialization in the legal industry in the coming years.

In navigating setbacks and challenges, Adrien maintains composure, analyzes situations methodically, and seeks innovative solutions. He draws inspiration from historical figures like Nelson Mandela and contemporary leaders such as Christine Lagarde and David Boies, while also finding motivation in the everyday heroes of his profession.

Beyond his legal pursuits, Adrien finds joy in travel, football, music, and social interactions. These interests offer a balanced complement to his professional endeavors, enriching his life with diverse experiences and connections.

Adrien Rangira's commitment to legal excellence, coupled with his multifaceted interests and contributions, continues to make him a valued member of the International Trade Council, shaping the legal landscape of Francophone Africa and beyond.