Adrienne Braumiller

Founder & Partner of Braumiller Law Group, PLLC

Adrienne Braumiller- Chairperson of the Business Council for International Trade Policy


Adrienne Braumiller, a distinguished member of the International Trade Council and a prominent Chairperson in the field of International Trade Policy, serves as the Managing Member of Braumiller Law Group. Her remarkable career journey has been shaped by a passion for international trade and a commitment to helping clients navigate the complexities of this dynamic industry.

Adrienne embarked on her career in the world of international trade law at a boutique customs and trade law firm in San Francisco, California. Her educational journey includes earning an L.L.M. in International Business Transactions from McGeorge School of Law, a J.D. from St. Mary's University, and international law studies at esteemed institutions like the University of Salzburg and the University of Oxford, Queen’s College. Her impressive qualifications extend to multiple legal jurisdictions, including the Supreme Court of Texas, the United States District Court of Texas for the Northern District, the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia, and the United States Court of International Trade.

Adrienne's contributions to the industry are substantial. She has been appointed to serve on Federal Advisory Committees, including the Committee on Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection (COAC) and currently the Regulations and Procedures Technical Advisory Committee (RPTAC). Among her notable achievements, receiving the State Bar of Texas Sarah T. Hughes Women Lawyers of Achievement Award in 2019 stands out. This prestigious accolade recognizes women who have achieved outstanding recognition in their professional field and have paved the way for the success of other women attorneys.

Having entered the industry in 1992, Adrienne has witnessed significant changes, including the implementation of various trade agreements and trade remedies. Presently, the industry grapples with challenges such as forced labor, Section 301 tariffs, Section 232 tariffs, anti-dumping/countervailing duties (ADCVD), and the complexities of trade with China.

Adrienne believes that the industry's trajectory hinges on future presidential elections, making predictions uncertain. However, she expresses excitement about emerging technologies, particularly supply chain mapping and tracing, which hold the promise of enhancing transparency and efficiency in international trade.

For those considering a career in international trade, Adrienne underscores the abundance of opportunities in the field today. She recommends pursuing a degree in international trade or gaining experience with importers or exporters as a valuable starting point.

Adrienne's approach to setbacks involves a proactive mindset. She diligently identifies key issues that trigger setbacks and extracts valuable lessons from them, allowing for continuous improvement.

In her remarkable journey, Adrienne started her own law firm at the age of 30, lacking specific role models or mentors. Her inspiration comes from the work itself, driven by a deep passion for international trade law.

Outside of her professional life, Adrienne finds joy in traveling, exploring the world of wine through tasting experiences, and indulging in culinary delights. These interests provide a well-rounded perspective and a source of rejuvenation in her busy life.