Ayla Annac

Ayla Annac

CEO/President of Invivosciences, Inc.

Ayla Annac is an esteemed CEO/President and a member of the International Trade Council. As the leader of InvivoSciences, Inc., a pre-clinical-stage biotech company, Ayla and her co-founders, Dr Ted Wakatsuki and Elliot Elson are dedicated to revolutionizing cardiovascular care through the development of precision medicine. With her extensive experience in biotech, commercialization, and product marketing, she has successfully led InvivoSciences from its inception, driving breakthrough research and development in the field of cardiac and rare diseases. Ayla's commitment to improving human heart health and integrating cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and precision medicine, has positioned InvivoSciences as a pioneer in the biotechnology industry.

InvivoSciences, Inc. focuses on developing precision therapies for cardiometabolic diseases using its innovative patented platform technology called Kokordia TM. By combining patient-derived micro heart on a chip (NuHeart)TM, AI-assisted patient-stratification diagnostic technology, and automated instrumentation, InvivoSciences aims to advance targeted therapies for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). The company actively seeks strategic partnerships and funding to expand its drug development programs and bring precision medicine to global cardiovascular care.

Motivated by the loss of her father to heart disease, Ayla embarked on a mission to find effective medical cures for heart failure and cardiometabolic diseases. Co-founding InvivoSciences with scientific partners and under the mentorship of her board, Ayla's dedication and focus on breakthrough research secured NIH funding for core platform technologies. With 24 years of executive leadership experience in biotech, animal health, and consumer goods, she possesses a unique blend of expertise in bridging the gap between research and market application.

Ayla takes immense pride in collaborating with a team of experts in science and technology, along with the support received from academic collaborators and federal institutions, including the National Institutes of Health. InvivoSciences' success as a pioneer in precision medicine and the development of a platform technology underline Ayla's commitment to revolutionizing cardiovascular care and advancing scientific advancements for the improvement of human heart health.

InvivoSciences' journey predates key advancements in biotechnology, including human induced pluripotent stem cells and gene editing techniques. The integration of machine learning, computational biology, and emerging technologies has revolutionized drug target discovery and personalized drug development processes. However, the challenges lie in the cost-intensive nature of precision medicine development and the need for entrepreneurial approaches, growth capital, and strategic corporate partnerships to scale up technologies.

Ayla envisions precision medicine expanding beyond cancer treatment to other medical specialties, including cardiac and cardiometabolic diseases. She anticipates targeted treatments delivered cost-effectively and envisions centralized clinical trial systems integrated with remote monitoring, AI tools, and systems. The future of preventive care will be based on personalized factors such as DNA, panomics, health records, biologic/genomic systems, lifestyle, and nutrition, while home care will continue to evolve with the use of new technologies.

Ayla advises newcomers to research the industry, understand market dynamics, identify unmet needs, and develop sustainable business models that offer cost-effective solutions. She emphasizes the importance of dedication, a clear vision, passion for the mission, and collaborative efforts with scientific teams, business partners, and stakeholders. Seeking advice and leveraging networks of experts are crucial for navigating challenges and finding strategic business and funding partners.

Ayla finds inspiration in her father's ethics, hard work, values, and loyalty. She acknowledges the contributions of global business leaders and entrepreneurs who have provided valuable learning experiences throughout her journey.

Outside of her professional life, Ayla enjoys nature, traveling, salsa dancing, and exploring ancient systems and societies, reflecting her curiosity and diverse interests.

Ayla Annac's leadership in driving breakthroughs in precision medicine, her commitment to improving cardiovascular care, and her dedication to research and innovation exemplify her valuable contribution to the International Trade Council and the biotechnology industry as a whole.