Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay

Director & CEO of InQube Innoventures Limited

Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay is the Director & CEO of InQube Innoventures Limited, a leading company operating in the AgriFood Tech industry. With a focus on supply chain sustainability, farm-to-table traceability, and carbon offset financing from farming practices, InQube offers a cloud-based ERP platform for the agricultural value chain. Tridibesh's expertise and dedication to leveraging technology for the advancement of the agriculture industry have positioned him as a valuable member of the International Trade Council.

InQube Innoventures Limited specializes in facilitating the transition towards supply chain sustainability and food security. Their Farm-to-table ERP platform provides decision support and process backbone for various stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. Through their open-source and multi-lingual B2B SaaS platform, InQube enables farmer decision support, farm-to-table traceability, farm finance and risk management, as well as carbon financing linked to regenerative agriculture and agroforestry. By leveraging technology, InQube contributes to the development of a sustainable and transparent food value chain.

Tridibesh's career in the industry began with projects focused on digitizing farmer extension services and establishing farmer and soil registries for regional governments in India. He has worked on key projects and initiatives, including agriculture digitization projects in India, a digital farmer platform for San Martin Province in Peru, a coffee value chain digitization project in Kenya, and a seed sector digitization project in Nigeria sponsored by AGRA, Kenya. Tridibesh's qualifications and skills, combined with his extensive experience in the industry, have been instrumental in his success.

Tridibesh has received several prestigious recognitions for his contributions to the industry. These include being recognized by Google Startups for Sustainable Development, the Department of DCMS, Govt of UK under the UK-India Tech Hub program, and the Global Entrepreneurship Program by DIT, Govt of UK. He was also selected for the UNDP ImpactAims pre-accelerator supported by Seedstars and Financial Times. In addition, InQube has been honored as one of the top agriculture technology solution providers by various publications and organizations.

Tridibesh has witnessed significant improvements in digital infrastructure penetration, particularly in rural farming communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the adoption of digital behavior, making services like InQube's more accessible and affordable. However, challenges remain, including the need for mindset change in the industry and the slow adoption of technology by farmers.

Tridibesh envisions a future with a growing demand for food value chain transparency and increased quality requirements for cross-border movement of food. He believes that voluntary carbon markets will leapfrog, with carbon taxation becoming a reality in cross-border trades. Tridibesh is particularly excited about the potential of satellite imaging-based farm-level intelligence and IoT-based data modeling to enhance farm risk management and climate resilience.

Tridibesh advises newcomers to thoroughly explore the market and find a niche to work on within the agri and food space. He emphasizes the importance of patience, as market development tends to be slow in terms of client adaptation. To handle setbacks and challenges, Tridibesh maintains a positive attitude and believes in his abilities to overcome obstacles.

Outside of his professional life, Tridibesh enjoys traveling, listening to music, and staying informed about technological advancements that impact social behavior worldwide.

Tridibesh Bandyopadhyay's commitment to supply chain sustainability, farm-to-table traceability, and the use of technology to drive positive change in the agriculture industry makes him an influential figure in the field. His innovative approach and dedication to creating a more sustainable and transparent food value chain contribute significantly to international trade and the advancement of the industry as a whole.