Viktor Goroshko

Founder & Managing Director of Avori

Viktor Goroshko is an entrepreneurial leader and the Founder & Managing Director of Avori, a European-based software development company. As a member of the International Trade Council, Viktor brings his expertise in IT services and consulting to contribute to international trade and business growth. With a focus on delivering quality software solutions, Viktor and his team at Avori strive for excellence, employing a vendor-neutral approach and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to meet their clients' unique needs.

Viktor Goroshko possesses strong leadership and organizational skills that have played a vital role in his career. His conscientious nature, attention to detail, and business acumen have contributed to his success as a leader in the IT industry. While specific educational qualifications are not provided, Viktor's skills and experience have equipped him with the expertise necessary to drive Avori's growth and provide exceptional value to clients.

Viktor Goroshko's journey in the IT industry began when he realized the limitations of off-the-shelf software solutions while working in a previous role. This realization led him to found Avori in 2018, with a vision to address the growing demand for customized software solutions that align with businesses' unique processes and requirements. Viktor recognized that tailored solutions not only meet specific needs but also prove to be cost-effective in the long run. Avori's commitment to providing quality software solutions has garnered the trust of SMEs, large enterprises, non-profits, and funded start-ups.

Avori stands out in the industry as a vendor-neutral company, allowing them to select the most suitable technologies for each project. Their developers write code without relying on proprietary components, making it easily accessible and adaptable for future modifications. With a team of exceptional specialists and a favorable business environment, Avori delivers competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Viktor Goroshko recognizes the importance of customized software solutions in driving business growth and improving efficiency. By offering tailored software development services, Avori contributes to the success of international trade by empowering businesses to optimize their processes and meet evolving market demands. Viktor believes that personalized solutions enable businesses to achieve their goals and ultimately thrive in the global marketplace.

Viktor's success in the IT industry stems from his commitment to excellence and the client's satisfaction. Avori's approach of staying ahead of the curve by continuously enhancing skills and knowledge has positioned the company as a trusted partner for businesses seeking software solutions. Their transparent pricing and competitive rates ensure that clients receive exceptional value for their investment.

Viktor's vision for Avori includes leveraging emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create innovative tools that simplify work processes and improve productivity. By embracing these new technologies and trends, Viktor aims to contribute to the advancement of the industry and the development of solutions that enhance everyday life.

Viktor Goroshko advises aspiring professionals in the industry to remain focused, determined, and industrious. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, analyzing setbacks, and learning from mistakes. Viktor's approach to challenges involves making necessary adjustments, celebrating progress, and cultivating gratitude.

Outside of his professional life, Viktor enjoys spending time in nature, engaging in activities such as camping and fishing. He finds solace in music and plays the guitar, further nurturing his creative side.

Viktor Goroshko's entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to quality, and innovative approach position him as a valuable member of the International Trade Council. Through Avori, he contributes to international trade by providing tailored software solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Viktor's dedication to excellence and embracing emerging technologies are driving forces behind Avori's success and their positive impact on businesses worldwide.