About the Book

"Shipping Artworks Internationally" is a comprehensive guide that addresses the complex and often delicate process of transporting valuable art pieces across borders. From the individual art collector to galleries, auction houses, and museums, this book provides crucial insights into the world of international art logistics. It emphasizes the importance of treating each artwork as unique, requiring specific handling, packing, documentation, and shipping considerations to ensure it arrives at its destination safely.

The guide begins with detailed instructions on how to properly prepare artworks for shipping, accounting for each piece's fragility and value. It then dives into the myriad of international regulations and paperwork that accompany such transactions, helping readers understand the complexities of import and export taxes, permits, and compliance. The choice of shipping methods, insurance coverage, and liability are discussed in-depth, assisting readers in making informed decisions that ensure the security of their valuable pieces. In addition, the book illuminates the often intricate process of dealing with customs and border control, highlighting potential pitfalls and ways to effectively manage unexpected challenges. Lastly, the guide emphasizes the advantages of partnering with specialized art shipping professionals, outlining what to look for when selecting a provider. "Shipping Artworks Internationally" offers a critical resource for anyone involved in the international art trade, providing the necessary tools to navigate this specialized field with confidence and success.