Our Four Pillars



  • Disseminate trade-related information on opportunities, standards, and regulations.
  • Establish meaningful partnerships with trade and investment agencies, industry organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and non-profit entities.
  • Develop educational resources that emphasize good corporate governance.
  • Encourage lawmakers and businesses to adopt effective, innovative, and collaborative approaches.
  • Offer educational advisory services and engage in related activities.
  • Cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.


Community Development

  • Emphasize human and economic resource development within the Council's constituent jurisdictions.
  • Coordinate international workforce and business growth strategies.
  • Foster understanding and support bi-national business expansion.
  • Highlight cultural, educational, social, and geographical opportunities for constituent members.
  • Deliver technical assistance to trade and investment agencies, industry bodies, businesses, and entrepreneurs.
  • Champion initiatives that enhance infrastructure and the well-being of communities served by our constituent members.


Foster Economic Activity

  • Equip trade and investment agencies, industry bodies, businesses, and entrepreneurs with tools to advance their economic development objectives.
  • Support planning for both pre-venture and established business developments.
  • Cultivate and endorse public-private partnerships dedicated to enriching and diversifying local economies.
  • Investigate new technologies and services with the potential to influence economic growth.
  • Expand international trade and investment opportunities for the Council's constituent members.
  • Encourage long-term economic competitiveness.



  • Advocate for commercial solutions addressing environmental challenges.
  • Promote industry standards, regulations, and public policies that contribute to thriving, equitable, and sustainable economies.

At the International Trade Council, we firmly believe in the significance of our four core pillars: Education, Community Development, Economic Activity, and Sustainability. These guiding principles shape every aspect of our work and reflect our commitment to fostering international trade that benefits all parties involved.

Through education, we empower stakeholders with the knowledge and tools to navigate the complex world of trade. By focusing on community development, we strengthen local economies and improve lives. Our emphasis on economic activity ensures the continued growth and competitiveness of our member organizations. Lastly, our dedication to sustainability drives us to find innovative solutions that protect the environment and create a more equitable global economy.

Together, these pillars enable us to fulfill our mission of promoting a vibrant, just, and sustainable international trade landscape.