A Business Council within the International Trade Council is structured to ensure efficient operations and effective representation of various geographies. The council composition typically includes key executive positions and a diverse set of council leaders.

Chairman: The Chairman of the council acts as the principal guide and mentor, offering strategic direction and setting the council's agenda. They preside over meetings and facilitate discussions, ensuring a productive and focused dialogue among council members.

Deputy Chairman: The Deputy Chairman assists the Chairman in all their duties and steps into the Chairman's role in their absence. They work closely with the Chairman to implement the council's strategic plan and to oversee its activities.

Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for administrative tasks, including meeting organization, minute-taking, correspondence, and record-keeping. The Secretary ensures the smooth functioning of the council, maintaining transparency and communication among all members.

Council Leaders / Council Fellows: Comprising up to 20 individuals, Council Leaders / Council Fellows represent diverse geographies, bringing a wealth of local knowledge and expertise to the table. They act as the voice of their respective regions, sharing insights, trends, and challenges unique to their area.

With approval from the Chairman, Council Leaders can also establish local chapters within their regions if necessary. These local chapters enable more localized engagement, catering to the specific needs and dynamics of the region. They facilitate networking among businesses in the same geographical area and amplify the reach of the council's initiatives.

In this way, the composition of the business council not only ensures robust internal functioning but also allows for effective representation and outreach across various geographical regions. This structure enables the International Trade Council to serve the diverse needs of its members in a holistic and inclusive manner.