Research Report Topics

Each Council is expected to propose a list of research topics that are relevant to their respective industry. The topics will be researched and compiled into comprehensive reports by the ITC staff, typically ranging from 10-30 pages. The Chairman of each Council usually provides the foreword, and council members are acknowledged in the final report.


Councils should plan and host 3-6 webinars annually, which would be relevant to their industry or sector. These webinars can be developed and led by council members, or by industry experts invited by Council members.

Legislative Recommendations

Councils have a role in writing and submitting recommendations to government bodies and legislators on industry-specific issues, advocating for policies that foster global trade and business growth.


Council members should contribute thought-pieces on a regular basis, which can be published by the ITC. These pieces would usually provide expert commentary on the latest industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, further establishing the ITC as a thought leader in international trade.

Participation in Industry Events

Council members should actively participate in local industry events, and where possible, host such events. This contributes to increasing visibility of the ITC and also provides opportunities for networking and promoting trade.

Industry News Updates

Councils are responsible for sourcing and sharing the latest news and updates in their respective sectors. This could include policy changes, major deals, technological advancements, and market trends. These updates can be disseminated through various platforms such as newsletters, the ITC's website, or social media.

Mentorship Program

Mentorship programs within the council's industry scope are an invaluable resource for emerging businesses and individuals new to international trade.

Optional: Training Programs

Councils may wish to organize training programs or workshops for ITC members on specific topics relevant to their industry. These could be technical trainings, or sessions on soft skills, such as negotiation, cultural sensitivity in business, etc.