Shipping Documentation and Processes

What is a Shippers Letter of Instruction
What is an Order Bill of Lading?

What is a Straight Bill of Lading?

What is a Switch Bill of Lading?

What is a Maritime Bill of Lading?

What is a Seaway Bill of Lading?

What is an Airway Bill of Lading?

What is an Inland Bill of Lading?

What is a Master Bill of Lading?

What is a House Bill of Lading?

What is a Claused or Dirty Bill of Lading?

What is a Clean Bill of Lading?

What is a Bearer Bill of Lading?

What is a Bill of Entry?

What is a Bill of Lading?

What is a Bill of Exchange?

What is a Cargo Manifest?

What is a Certificate of Origin?

What is a Manifest Discrepancy?

What are Incoterms?

How to Calculate the Landed Cost of a Product?

What is a Through Bill of Lading?

What is a Warehouse Receipt?

What is a Manifest?

What is a Routing Order?

Shipping and Logistics Terms

What is Transloading?
What is Re-Exporting?
What is Ullage?

What is Dunnage?

What is Cabotage?

What is Expedited Shipping?

What is a Unit Load Device?

What is Yield Management?

What is Tramp Shipping?

What is Cross Docking?

What is a NVOCC?

What is Warehousing?

What is a Shipping Mark?

What does Backhaul Mean?

What does Less Than Container Load Mean?

What does Just in Time Shipping Mean?

What does Gross Weight Mean?

What does Bunker Adjustment Factor Mean?

What does Net Weight Mean?

What does Roll on Roll off Mean?

What does Transshipment Mean?

What does Interline Mean?

Trade and Economic Terms

What is Foreign Direct Investment?
What is Trade Finance?

What is Supply Chain Management?

What is the World Trade Organization?

What are Free Trade Agreements?

What are Import Quotas?

What are Export Controls?

What is a Trade Embargo?

What does KYC Mean?

What does Knock Down Mean?

What is a Bonded Warehouse?

What are Voluntary Export Restraints?

What is an Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number?

What does Quarantining Goods Mean?

Financial and Legal Terms

What is an LEI Number?
What is Forfaiting?
What is Anti Dumping Duty?
What is Demurrage?

What is Quay Rent?

What is a Pier Pass?

What is Wharfage?

What is a Detention Charge?

What are Foreign Exchange Controls?

What is a Letter of Credit?

What is a Customs Broker?

Specific Shipping Terms

What is a Vessel Sharing Agreement?
What is a Terminal Handling Charge?

What is a Waybill?

What is Freight Consolidation?

What is Groupage?

What is Phytosanitary Certification?

What is a Pro Forma Invoice?

What is a Quota Share?

What is a Free Trade Zone?

What is AML?

What is a 40 Foot Container?

What is a HS Code?

What is a Freight Forwarder?