The International Trade Council is a peak-body chamber of commerce dedicated to promoting international trade, minimizing barriers, and fostering global commerce through education, networking, and insightful business intelligence.

We are firm believers in the power of free global trade and equitable competition to drive economic growth, generate employment opportunities, and elevate living standards worldwide.

For many years, the International Trade Council has championed open markets, fair international competition, and trade liberalization, guided by transparent, predictable, and multilaterally coordinated regulations.

Our mission is to help members navigate the intricate world of international trade by simplifying processes and providing essential resources. With locally organized  chapters operating in 28 countries and a diverse membership spanning 179 nations, we are a truly global organization.

The majority of our services are available to qualified members free of charge. To sustain the Council's activities, corporate members and government trade and investment agencies contribute a nominal fee. 

Individual membership is free, but due to resource constraints, we require individual members to hold leadership positions and be directly involved in international trade, foreign direct investment, or related support activities.

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