A business council, within the framework of the International Trade Council, is an assemblage of volunteer professionals, possessing deep industry knowledge and expertise. They collaborate to shape the Council's research, education, networking, and outreach initiatives, thereby ensuring their relevance to the current global business climate.

These industry experts meet quarterly, whether in-person or virtually, to propose and guide the Council's research undertakings. They examine industry trends, scrutinize emerging markets, and explore technological advancements, providing valuable insights that the Council transforms into action-oriented research projects.

Further, the business council acts as an advisory board, contributing to the development of educational resources tailored to the needs of businesses operating in international markets. They bring their firsthand experience to the fore, identifying the critical competencies necessary for success and helping devise educational programs that equip members with those skills.

In addition, the council facilitates networking events and initiatives, creating opportunities for members to connect, collaborate, and forge strategic partnerships. They also play a crucial role in driving the Council's outreach programs, reaching out to potential members, sharing the Council's mission, and amplifying its impact across the global business community.

Moreover, business councils provide a forum for discussion, enabling the exchange of ideas, fostering innovation, and promoting best practices within their respective industries. They also help bridge the gap between industry and government, advocating for business-friendly policies and voicing industry concerns to policymakers.

Lastly, the business councils play a pivotal role in the International Trade Council's mission to support and promote international trade. Through their collective knowledge, experience, and guidance, they contribute to creating an environment where businesses can thrive in the global marketplace.