Jesus Diaz De Vivar

Chief Executive Officer of Un Jardin Sur Les Toits

Jesus Diaz de Vivar is the CEO of Un Jardin Sur Les Toits, a company operating in the biotechnology and micro-algae industry. Their company specializes in setting up micro-algae farms in urban areas using bioreactors to capture CO2, heavy metals, and produce oxygen, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Un Jardin Sur Les Toits also produces high-value molecules for various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals.

Jesus Diaz got started in this industry by winning the international competition 'Let's Reinvent the Metropolis of Greater Paris' in 2017, which recognized his work on micro-algae. He has a background in Marine Biology from the University of Sydney, as well as qualifications in Oceans Safeguarding and Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge. He has also studied Blockchain Technology at MIT and has created the Oxygen Purity Ecosystem blockchain. Moreover, he was honored as the Entrepreneur of the Year by EDHEC Business School, an award bestowed upon him by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in March 2023.

One of Jesus Diaz's key projects is the micro-algae farm being set up in Paris, which has the potential to purify the air 12 times more effectively than a forest. They are proud of their accomplishments in developing new-generation bioreactors aided by AI, capable of calculating and offsetting the carbon footprint in both virtual and real worlds. They have also developed new molecules with antioxidant properties for nutraceuticals, health, and well-being.

The biggest challenge facing the industry is the need for investment in this promising industry of the future. Jesus Diaz sees the micro-algae industry as essential for economic, social, and environmental stability. They believe that micro-algae play a crucial role in climate regulation, purifying water, providing nutrients to combat deficiencies, offering biostimulants for organic farming, producing energy, and contributing to overall health and longevity.

Jesus Diaz is excited about the interactivity between knowledge and technology within their company and the potential advancements in biotechnology, AI, blockchain technology, and micro-algae research. They advise young entrepreneurs starting in the industry to stay attentive to the needs of the world and their target market.

When faced with setbacks and challenges, Jesus Diaz believes in learning from mistakes, constantly questioning themselves, and staying focused on their objectives. Their role models are the researchers who explored the benefits of micro-algae after World War II.

Outside of their professional life, Jesus Diaz has diverse interests including philosophy, art, music, the history of civilizations, and digital creations. They are also an avid swimmer.