Wais Qais

CEO of AKS Services Group UK Ltd

Wais Qais- Board Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets


Wais Qais is the CEO and founder of Advanced Knowledge Solutions (AKS), a registered entity operating in the United Kingdom and Central Asia, specializing in comprehensive services for the private sector and international development programs. Concurrently, he also serves as the regional director for Go Global Trade, a globally recognized trade facilitation platform.

He is an active member of the International Trade Council (ITC), Wais holds a key role as a board member for Emerging Markets within ITC. Additionally, he lends his expertise to esteemed organizations such as Future Brilliance and co-founded the Afghan Capacity Development Educational Organisation.

With a foundation in investment banking in the City of London, Wais pursued higher education, earning an MBA in the same field. His financial background and business acumen have aided managing diverse development programs, including serving as a country director for Crown Agents in the region, and significantly influencing the growth of various industries, particularly in mining and agribusiness and its export promotions and trade facilitation.

Throughout his career, Wais has adeptly navigated challenges at both policy and operational levels in the development sector. His collaborations with private and public sectors, particularly in Central Asia, encompass field research, market surveys, strategic planning, organizational assessments of public agencies, and capacity building. This holistic approach consistently fosters sustainable growth and development, empowering governmental bodies to effectively address economic challenges.

Wais Qais and AKS Services Group are presently strategically partnered with regional agencies, supporting programs such as venture capital for start-ups, project financing, and ESG initiatives in the agri and mining sectors. His close collaboration with ministries in finance, agriculture, investment, and trade facilitation underscores his commitment to economic development, investment initiatives, and the seamless flow of goods and services.

Instrumental in spearheading innovative pilot projects, Wais works closely with farmers and value chains to enhance productivity and market presence in the agricultural sector. His visionary leadership and proven expertise have established him as a prominent figure in international development circles. With a track record of achieving results, Wais Qais remains committed to making valuable contributions to the growth and prosperity of the regions he serves.